31 October

1945Naval Construction Battalion 74 is de-activated

1966 NMCB-8 Advance Party arrived at Chu Lai.

1967 CDR W. Wilson, COMCBPAC Operations Officer, and LT Henley, COMCBPAC Administrative Officer were on board NMCB-3s camp for a management review and visit.

1968Capt J.R. Fisher, COM30NCR, visited NMCB-1s Civic Action projects
NMCB-22 completed the 1st Tank Battalion 500-man mess complete
In anticipation of follow-up enemy activity similar to the previous days activity, Dong ha Combat Base went to a tactical condition from 1450 to 1934, however, no incoming rounds were received

1969 CAPT C.G. Miller, Chief Staff Officer, COMCBPAC and CDR B.J. Hackenson, CBPAC Logistics Officer coducted the CBPAC Command and Logistics Inspection of NMCB-74.
CDR P.R. gates, Chief Staff Officer, COMCBLANT visited NMCB-74 at Camp Hoover, Da Nang.
RADM J.G. Dillon, CEC, USN, COM3NCB; CAPT C.G. Miller, CEC, USN, Chief of Staff, COMCBPAC; and CAPT J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN, COM32NCR, came aboard Camp Barnes to visit NMCB-62 construction sites.
RADM Dillon, COM3NCB and CAPT Washburn, COM32NCR, inspected the condition of camp Campbell prior to turn over to the Army.
NMCB-1s Detail Delta completed construction of the ATSBCantonment at Rach Soi (WK 150-995) . The project comprised a 16x64 Galley, 4-hole head, 8x12 timber bunker, 20 watch tower, 16x32 SEAhut, and mobile water purification system with 3000 gal storage tank.
...The Rach Soi Naval Base entailed a wide variety of projects for NMCB-1 including 20x48 and 20x72 Butler buildings, an ammo magazine, septic tank and sewer system, water settling system, concrete bunkers, metal watch towers, a power distribution system, a water system, and a POL storage tank.
NMCB-1s Detail Kilos Advance Party arrived at Rach Soi on 5 January 1970 with the majority of the personnel arriving on 9 january. On 11 January some of the lighter gear was convoyed in by truck and on 15 January the first Mike 8 arrived with some of the heavier equipment. 22 January saw the first forms laid for a building slab.
Two 20x48 Butler buildings and one 20x72 Butler building were the first structures erected. These then served as housing for the men. With a lack of plumbig material, portions were left out of the slabs of these buildings for the later insertion of utilities. The next structure to be completed was a 40x100 Pasco building which was used for storage of materials. During the remainder of the time at Rach Soi, NMCB-1 completed one more 20x72 Butler building and a 9,000 gallon water settling tank. Three older buildings were rehabilitated and a slab was poured for one 20x80 Pascoe building. In all, approximately forty six thousand dollars worth of construction material was put in place.
One problem encountered was the shipment and handling of cement. All cement on site was shipped in plywood crates which, after several loading and off-loadings, completely collapsed. As a result many bags were ruined and much cement had to be stacked by hand.
The scope of NMCB-1s ATSB project at Ha Tien (VS 446-478) was (2) 16x80 berthing huts, (1) 16x64 galley, (1) watch tower, (1) water tower, (1) bunker, (2) shower and head facilities on four ammi pontoons; plus a 16x32N.O.C. on land.
Most of the material for this job was pre-cut, marked, bundled, and loaded aboard the pontoons at An Thoi. All the rafters and brows were pre-fabbed at An Thoi. The two walk-in reefers and the two 60 k.w. generators were loaded also at An Thoi. These had to be loaded on the pontoon on which they would be installed because there was no material handling equipment to move them once on the site.
Due to weather delays, the sides and rafters for the two berthing huts were put in place at An Thoi. The remainder of the job was done on the site, taking five days.
There was no special equipment utilized on this job but there were several special design considerations. Angle iron clips welded to the decks of the pontoons were used to secure the base plates of the structures. The angle was placed on the interior as well as exterior of the building.

1970The total Seabee force in Vietnam at the end of October was 3,699 (63 Officers and 3,636 Enlisted). The estimated backlog of construction work remaining in the 1st Military Region was 15 weeks of horizontal work and 15 weeks of vertical work. In the 3rd and 4th Military Regions the back log of construction for remaining Seabee assets was 40 weeks of horizontal and 40 weeks of vertical work.

1971 NMCB-3s Advance Party arrived at NMCB-5s Detail Corral, at Guam.

2008Col. John Ripley, USMC died of natural causes at his home in Annapolis. Colonel Ripley, USMC was responsible for almost single-handedly bringing down the Dong Ha Bridge (built by NMCB-62) on Easter Sunday 1972 to stop the NVA from moving south during the Easter Offensive. Col. Ripley's herioc action is documented in the book "The Bridge at Dong Ha"
Rest in Peace Colonel...Can Do/Semper Fi

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