Land Sakes, I have mentioned often enough my wood-working hobby and my developed skills of having worked on it with a sense of joy and excitement...both of which when you see a little kid enjoying a rocking chair or hobby horse you've made!
About 3 weeks ago a very sad event happened in the immediate area...not a child drowning...there are so many of those over the summer they scarce make the news...this was a little 3 year old child crushed and killed by the tipping over of a child's
dresser....I attempted to get the actual article from Google but it isn't even there any longer...
oh yes, I make them, and always give a hearty dissertation to the parents as to why it doesn't set level on the floor....I've had both
moms and dads complain about that built-in feature for the ones I make...I glue a 1 inch wedge onto the front bottom edge
of the dresser....it allows for most carpeted rooms where the baby's crib and dresser will be...I show the parents in my own
carpets edge...the molding there that holds the carpet down...chance are the new baby dresser will be put as close up to
the wall as possible, hence, sitting on top of the molding and hence twice, leaning outward at a dangerously, tettering angle!
The glued wedge will accommodate... if the parents even seem half-way interested I remove the top dresser drawer and show them
the 4 inch brace I've installed on the inside back of the dresser top....with a half-inch hole bored in the center of the brace...I 'splain to
'Old Ricky' that he can install what is called a toggle bolt to secure the top heavy dresser to the wall....A 4 drawer dresser,
4 foot tall, 3 foot wide and 1 foot deep, loaded down, is a hefty piece of furniture that will crush a child...Yes, the local parents
of the tragically killed child has spoken on local TV and the Arizona Republic had a story of them and their child... Chief

Ikea Recalls 29 Million Dressers and Chests After 6 Children Crushed ...
Jun 28, 2016 - Ikea Recalls 29 Million Dressers and Chests After 6 Children Killed. ... prompting the voluntary recall of about 29 million chests and dressers sold by the popular retailer, .... Baby Girl Gets Adorably Upset When Parents Kiss.

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