13 November

1966…NMCB-7’s Lang Vei detachment completed their work and rejoined the Battalion at Camp Campbell.

1967…From 2/26 Marine Command Chronology
“MCB-3 reported 3 persons believed to be VC were spotted. Illumination requested. 2 rounds fired with negative results”.
…LT R. Brodie reported aboard NMCB-121 at Camp Campbell.

1968… The 68-man detachment from NMCB-22 closes the Nam Hoa quarry/crusher operation
…COMCBPAC Operations and Administration Inspection Party, led by CDR Wilson, arrived at Camp Adenir.
…CBPAC Management Inspection visit at NMCB-3 was conducted by CDR W.L. Wilson, CEC, USN, LT J.L. Henley, CEC, USN, and CUCM Varner.
…MCB-10 Detail India departed Battalion base camp for Quang Tri to effect repairs to the POL farm access road. The Detail returned to base camp on 15 Nov 68.
…COMCBPAC Operations and Administration Inspection Party arrived for an NMCB-12 Alpha Company Management Inspection.
…The 105 foot long Hoi Dua Bridge was a steel truss bridge had been blown up near the center span; however, it had not dropped because the two main top chords were still intact. Original plans called for cribbing up from the pontoon sections placed under the bridge. This was pursued up to the point of sinking the pontoons in place and being ready to begin cribbing. Unfortunately, during the next four days 34 inches of rain fell and swept the pontoons away so that an alternate plan of driving piles had to be initiated. By this method, three pile bents were driven and capped, the bridge jacked up 15 inches into a level position and the damaged members were replaced with like-sized members to restore the bridge to its original capacity. Before leaving the bridge after the jacks were removed, cribbing was brought up to the bridge bottom cord to provide an added factor of safety. The construction period for this bridge was 8 October to 13 November 1968.

1969…Elements of the 2nd Regiment, 1st ARVN Division, relieved NMCB-62’s Security Company of perimeter defense responsibilities on Sector II of the Dong Ha Combat Base perimeter.
…NMCB-1’s BU3 G.R. Lynn was wounded by a possible dud M-79 round which was struck by a machete while clearing the site at Nam Can

1970…CDR F.M. Newcomb, Commanding Officer NMCB-62 turned over Camp Haskins South to CDR J.L. Godsey, Commanding Officer NMCB-3. NMCB-62 was completing it’s fourth and final RVN deployment, NMCB-3 was beginning it’s fifth and final RVN tour. Over 55 percent of NMCB-62’s automotive and construction equipment had been in Vietnam for over seventeen months without major overhaul upon commencement of NMCB-62’s deployment. Long hours of use on critical projects, under combat conditions and extremes of environment caused more than normal wear on the equipment. Augmentation by 32NCR and borrowing pieces from other Battalions eased the situation somewhat but in many instances failure of a single item of equipment seriously hampered projects during NMCB-62’s deployment.

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