Only a few days ago I mentioned to one of you who has a drab and drudge filled job to select a hobby like wood working...develop skills and fill requests from just plain folks to make some item for is an example of something that would come to me me the picture and ohh and ahhh that you just have to have such an item...old barn wood here in Arizona is almost available for the
hauling away...I have a request right now for a yard wishing well...the lady
described by hand and arm displays how high and how big around...a wooden
bucket on a rope....her eyes just sparkled at the thought ...I was caught up with her excitement and told her the cost would be maybe a couple hundred...that excited her even more ..."only that much....." she left if hanging like a dangling participle with no accompanying, 4-letter verb starting with letter 'F'!JW
King Size Custom Bedframe from 100yr old Barnwood
Posted on: Oct 16, 2016 at 05:22pm

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