Greetings to you Carver OF TURKEY!...Thanksgiving Day rapidly approaches and my day is planned to prepare the meal of turkey, spiral sliced ham, and standing rib roast.....I'm one of those nervous souls
who does the pots and pans as they get dirty...keep the kitchen counter free of crumbs and long time wife coined an expressive name for my habits years reminds me of the post-traumatic-shock word...our very first Thanksgiving was in North Africa (Morocco)...She popped the 'bird' in the oven right out of the commissary know those paper
wrappers that come inside the body of the bird with the neck and giblets?....they cooked to a 'fair-thee-well' but couldn't get those parts out of the paper mach'e!!!! The pumpkin pie she made was pumpkin right out of the can with no spices or sweetening added...even the Arab beggar who come to the door for a hand-out grimaced when he scoffed on that gorgeous hunk of pie!!! It was the same when the navy guys would give an Arab a bite of some the Rag-Head was chomping away at it the sailor/Seabee would say the Arab word 'MUONGE ALOFF', meaning you're eating pig!!!! Bad relations with you as the guest and the old Arab would spit and sputter! JW

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