The military, all services, are great for the acronyms that they is great if originally there is a written out term of what the letters represent....Do you know any stories about the NAVRECSTA's you may have been at on a temporary basis...Oh, there were so many of them on both coasts of our country...I've been in my share of them and discovered early it is a choice place for volunteering just in case you personally held back waiting for a work detail assignment... At
NAVRECSTA/NF/VA I'd always volunteer to
work in the mail room...learned early that you stayed clean and you worked in out of the was one of my earliest of volunteer calls...head of the chow line privileges...drinking fountain handy on hot days.. There is a rather 'scummy story' to be told about NAVRECSTA/TI/CA....from stories I heard tell and shared with Seabees who in the 50s and 60s were more inclined to receive duty at the NAVRECSTA's around
the country...Wanna visit about this
mystery, or maybe mystery to some of you.JW


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