01 December

1945The 11th NCB, predecessor of NMCB-11, is decommissioned at Subic bay, Philippine Islands

1966NMCB-58 completed two 12x24 concrete slabs at FLSG-A Da Nang. The project had begun on 07 November 1966 and was located near mess halls to create a mess gear washing area.
MGEN H. Nickerson, Jr.,, USMC, officially opened the NMCB-9 constructed Class 60 510-foot timber bridge across the flood swollen Ai Nghia River south of Hill 55. The Hill 55 Detail consisted of 1 officer and 43 enlisted men
The NMCB-8 Main Body, consisting of 19 officers and 707 enlisted men deployed by air from CBC Port Hueneme to Rosemary Point, Chu Lai. The movement was complete by 10 December.

1967US military strength in RVN is 480,000
NMCB-9 deployed 12 men to Hill 55, 11 miles south of Da Nang to build shower facilities and a water tower and tank for the 3/11 Marines. The Detail rejoined the Battalion on 17 February 1968.
NMCB-7s Detail Charlie Two consisting of 7 men returned to Camp Adenir from Trien Tung Village after constructing 14 strongback huts for 4/11 Marines
The runway at An Hoa was closed three times to fixed wing aircraft during November and December due to extreme metal fatigue in the M8A1 matting. During November 1967, replacement of 1500 feet of the 3500 foot strip was completed by CBMU-301 Detail Alpha. On 01 December and 15 December, the runway was again closed for a short period in order to effect emergency repairs to a major buckled area in the matting. Buckling of the matting was caused by aircraft braking excessively hard in order for the pilots to make the turnoff at the terminal, instead of utilizing the full length of the runway. The M8A1 matting had experienced repeated structural fatigue failure and in some locations, complete replacement of the matting was required. It was considered that M8A1 matting was greatly inferior to AM-2 matting as a runway material for C-130 aircraft. The advantage of M8A1 matting was its relatively low cost (approximately one third that of the AM-2 material
MCB-9s 12 man detachment at Hill 55, eleven miles south of Da Nang, deployed on an intermittent basis from 01Dec67 to 17Feb68 to build shower facilities, a water tower, and a tank for 3/11 Marines.
Seabee flexibility and responsiveness were demonstrated by MCB-7 as they answered the 1st Marine Air Wings urgent request for the installation of centerline lighting on the west runway of the Da Nang Air Base. This project was started on 25 November and completed on 1 December.

1968NMCB-22 celebrated mid-deployment with a holiday routine. Approximately thirty-five (35) Vietnamese orphans were guests at the noon meal. There was a parade of floats representing each Company and Department. Guests for the parade included approximately ninety (90) Vietnamese civilians from Hoa Phu and Chon Tam Hamlets.

1969 LCDR R.B. Bell, Jr., CEC, USN, assumed duties as OIC CBPAC DET RVN, and OIC CBPAC DET THAI, relieving LCDR W.M. Garbe, CEC, USN.

1972 CE1 Richard Brundrette-Naval Advisory Group Saigon became the last Seabee to die in Vietnam

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