Over on the Vietnam Memories site (TFF) the troops are impressing one another with/about the subject...Of course all are more indoctrinated in guns that I but I nailed them with the following:

ORGIN OF THE WORD 'SNIPE'.....had nothing to do with putting that young boy out in the forest at nighttime with a gunny sack and a stick to beat on the sack, and calling out to the 'SNIPE' to fly/crawl/slither into his bag! Chief


The verb "to snipe" originated in the 1770s among soldiers in British India in reference to shooting snipe, which was considered a challenging target for marksmen. The agent noun "sniper" appears by the 1820s. The term sniper was first attested in 1824 in the sense of the word "sharpshooter".

I rec'd special recognition for this SNIPE thing...shall I trick 'em with the navy term SCUTTLE-BUTT...They'll think it to be some trooper whose trousers don't fit him right!!! JW

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