Yesterday, 7 December 2016, was the 75th anniversary of our nation entering into
World War Two following the sneak attack by Japan against our naval fleet in the
Hawaiian Islands. Other years past there certainly was more information disseminated
about that historical event than yesterday....Several reporters, out and about interviewing
people on the street about the event...seemed to me the majority of the younger citizens
had no inkling...not a clue...if it didn't involve some current event, they didn't seem to
care about history...most were overwhelmed with the current news involving political
doings and figures is not a matter that the current news is squelched, far
from it...just not history...Facts involving what come to be known as the Gulf War that
ialmost mmediately followed the 9/11 attack against New York City has faded and become
almost non-relative. More excitement about potential wars of the future than those of the
past...I am thinking of China and it's claims out there in the South China Sea...and the
phone conversation between political figures of Formosa and our president-elect. I remember doing a little story concerning this subject way back in 1999...please allow me to print it here


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