'GOING VIRAL'...What does it mean?

I must guess about it, but I think the first time I heard the term and become confused with
its frequency having to do with 'unusual occurring event'....I think it was the time it showed
these 2 little babes, diaper clad, sitting in by a washing machine, jabbering in 'baby-talk'
to one another that the term "going viral" was used and heard by me...Since that time, now maybe even years ago, it is such a common term for anything...not just the comical like the
baby thing was, but everything declared unusual ...this morning in the NYTIMES was a scene
with a flag and a large heart with crosses denoting the Sandy Hook school tragedy...I went
over to Google with my inquiry and still, come away confused that viral still has medical meanings... "HEY LUCY, PLEASE 'SPLAIN SO I CAN UNDERSTAND"! Chief
What does go viral mean? | What Does That Mean?
www.whatdoesthatmean.com Canada
Jan 28, 2012 - Videos on youtube can go viral (like the double rainbow guy), pictures can go viral (like those crazy lolcats), even stories can go viral (like the ...

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