12 December

1965…Eugene J. Martin BM3, ACB-1, lost his life at Chu Lai

1966…NMCB-58 completed installation of a D32B reefer complex FLSG-A, Camp Books, Red Beach, Da Nang. The project had begun on 31 October 1966.

1967…CAPT C.W. Turner, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, visited several NMCB-128 project sites.
… NMCB-58 completed the FLC Photo Laboratory wich was a 20’x32’ enclosed rigid frame structure. It featured a concrete deck, air-conditioning and a dark room. The Battalion expended 348 mandays of direct labor on this $6,642.00 structure.

1968… NMCB-121 Commanding Officer visited Seabee Teams 12101 and 12102 at My Tho and Phuoc Le respectively. (MCB-121 DCR ’68-’69)
… In the fall of 1968 a need arose for additional quantities of road base material in the Northern I Corps. Existing facilities at the Cam Lo Rock Crusher and at Camp Barnes, Dong Ha, were not suited for expansion. Eith the extensive road upgrade program the need for surface material was evident. A central location adjacent to the village of Vinh Dai was chosen to establish a rock crusher and asphalt production facility that would serve the northern portion of Route 1 and Route 9. Based on the immediate requirement for road-base, the design provided for a 250-man camp, two 200 ton-per-hour rock crushers, and an asphalt plant.
NMCB-7 began construction of the site in early October 1968 and took one and a half months to complete at a cost of $150,000 in materials with operation of the crusher beginning in early December. Four 100kw generators provided power for all operations and facilities. The machine welding and automotive shops offered the necessary repair facilities for rock dumps, the crushers, and miscellaneous support equipment. A small rigid frame building located in the central portion of the camp provided the office spaces for the camp. Two similar buildings in the core made up a laundry and a club while the large galley also in the core completed the major camp facilities. Sixteen SEA huts and a shower were separated from the basic work area and were adjacent to the dispensary and the galley. In the spring an approved asphalt plant layout led to completion of several support concrete pads and a generator shed for use when the plant arrived.

1970… NMCB-3’s Detail Gemini completed repair work on railroad Bridge #1.
…NMCB-3 Detail Libra departed Camp Haskins South for Hill 37 to continue the reconstruction of London Bridge.

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