15 December

1966…NMCB-58 began the installation of a new sewer system in the Tango Area for 1st Marine Air Wing, Da Nang. The project, begun on 15 December 1966, consisted of providing a sanitary sewer system throughout the rehabilitated portion of the 1st MAW, Tango Area, running a forded main to an oxidation pond and providing two new oxidation ponds. The required 8” pipe was not available at the time to begin pipe line work so the Battalion worked around the material shortage as best it could pre-casting a portion of the concrete manholes. At the completion of NMCB-58’s deployment on 05 June 1967, the project was handed off to NMCB-74 with the project 12% complete.
…NMCB-58 completed construction of a 500 man galley for 1st Marine Regiment, Da Nang which had been begun on 30 October 1966.
…NMCB-62’s Dong Ha Detail under ENS Herrmann, rejoined the Battalion at Camp Campbell after turning its project over to NMCB-5.

1967…NMCB-58 completed the MAG-11 Power Check Pad after hauling and compacting 10,837 cu. yds. of fill, 2187 cu. yds. of 2½” minus rock, and 436 cu. yds. of sand-cement sub-base. This was then topped off with 296 tons of hot-mix asphalt. The concrete check pad itself was then poured and blast deflectors erected. The Battalion devoted 1387 man days of direct labor on this project. (Photo(s) page 208 and 209 MCB-58 DCR ’67-’68)
…Seabee Team 0309 returned to the main body at Camp Wilkinson upon completion of their tour in Vietnam.
…On 15 December Quang Tri came under an enemy mortar attack receiving 30-40 rounds causing moderate damage to the 1st Marine Air Wing cantonment. All necessary repairs were completed the following day. No rounds fell within NMCB-10’s area.

1968…NMCB-121 turned over the Tan My.Cornfield POL system to the Army for operation and maintenance.

1969…Brig Gen J.C. Smith, Deputy for Logistics, 101st Airborne Division, representing the Division Commanding General presented Army Commendation Medals to NMCB-133 personnel for the Battalion’s work in support of the Division during the period Sep-Dec 1968. The 52 Army Commendation Medals combined with 63 individual awards previously received for the Battalion’s second Vietnam deployment is believed to establish a record for a single Seabee deployment to Vietnam. The awards were: (1) Legion of Merit; (2) Bronze Star; (10) Navy Commendation Medal; (52) Army Commendation; (170 Navy Achievement; (21) Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry; (10) Vietnamese Technical Medal; (1) Vietnamese Honor Medal; (1) Vietnamese Medal of Honor; (115) Total individual awards.
…RADM J.G. Dillon, CEC, USN, COM3NCB and CAPT J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN, COM32NCR, visited NMCB-133 at Camp Wilkinson for a briefing on repairs to Bridge 1-14.
…NMCB-11 Detail Echo departed Guam for CBC Port Hueneme.
… NMCB-11’s BM1 Theodore “Pappy” Hinson lowered the Battalion’s flag for the final time. It was fitting that he did so since he had concluded four consecutive tours to Vietnam with NMCB-11. NMCB-11’s Cdr. Godsey presented Eleven’s flag to Radm. Spencer R. Smith, CEC, USN, Commander, Construction Battalions, Pacific (COMCBPAC) for the last time

1970…An NMCB-74 detachment of eight enlisted men deployed to Vi Thanh to construct two SEA huts for Advisory Group 73.
…NMCB-3 Detail Borealis Advance Party departed Camp Haskins South for Bien Hoa to prepare for the move to the ACTOV Base site at Ca Mau.

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