Here in the friendly sounding, VALLEY OF THE SUN, there must be some record secured and held for 'Road-Rage' driving....shootings into moving cars seem so common that the news-lead into the story may go, "oh, by the way, another car had bullet holes today"! There is scarce a day goes by that there is not wrong-way drivers on the busy free-ways...the last was Friday
night.12/16....this old drunk, previous offender, in a heavy car creamed a pickup truck with 2 young workers and both of the latter died . I turned a suggestion into the DMV last spring on devising a type of launching device, similar to a paint ball, at the offending vehicle that would explode some type of air cloud chemical/mist which would immediately cause the internal combustion engine to choke off and halt...all preventive devices to wrong-way enteries such as tire puncturing, is discouraged because some of those enteries are made by emergency vehicles...Hey Seabee...masters of improvisation and "Jury Rigging"...patents are waiting with rewards beyond your wildest expectations...'wrong-way driving' happens and continues with a frequency that builds and increases daily to alarming levels. JW

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