HONG KONG.. R&R.. 1952

Arrived Subic Bay, Philippine Islands June 1952 with Mobile Construction Battalion #2...Living in squad tents without screens or mosquito nets was just about as 'basic-basic' jungle as you could have...An R&R ship was scheduled for Subic Bay in November and battalion personnel was permitted to apply...with MOBS 2, 3, 5, and 9 on the mountain top at Cubi Point there were many takers, including myself. Going over to Hong Kong the ship encountered the remains of a typhoon...mucho barf all over with little desire for anything than simple recovery! It was definitely a new experience for this old Iowa farm boy...I had a set of gabardine blues made there with extreme bell-bottoms and 13 buttons...had dragons embrodieded
on the inside of the cuffs and a oriental scene thing on back of the collar...I think the trip was 5 days in Hong Kong...wanna hear the rest of the 'recouperation story'? JW


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