Someone over on the VMBB was showing pictures of their new dogs they've got for Christmas....Seabee camps I recall usually attracted dogs of various size and dispositions.. I like dogs though we've not had one for years:
Locally, the ASPCA have these spot commercials currently showing dogs that have been in dog fighting bouts...Arizona, or at least here in the valley, dog fights and chicken fights for betting is commonplace among the Mexicans...oh crap, there I go picking on a group again but it is in the reports where these bout occur and arrests made.. looks like the
Mexican Army muster lists would!!! Sure are mood-altering shots, these ASPCA selections to show the wounded that $18 buck a month solicitation for aid and
assistance...are these ASPCA admin folks paid well like some of the Vets solicitation people are (Wounded Warriors as an example)? JW


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