Over on THE FIREAMS FORUM where the Vietnam site is and where they have me listed as the Senior Chief Moderator because I'm 'jacking my jaws' so often, the guys talk of getting different and exotic guns and fish poles and camping gear...I posted this for them this morning just to show how very
humble I am:

Dang, when you're my age at 83, there isn't much that you haven't got...the quantity
of gifts kind of wax and wane due to the absence of some of the givers but still there
is enough....things you might have got 20 years ago (terry cloth bath robe) need
replacing out of plain ugliness of the old jewel...I got a new, camo-colored robe and
already the wife has stashed my old, frayed one in the Good-Will box....did I mention 83..well
there was a preponderance of skin-care products....it even mentioned on the box labels,
'SKIN-TIGHTENING....WRINKLE REMOVER' some of those are made or at least endorsed
and marketed by Dr. Phil's wife. Naw, most of my gifts were Home Depot gift cards...all
together almost 5C's worth of the cards... Do you guys wear pajamas....the family knows
how I really favor flannel clothing so I got some new PJ's. those clothing exporters must
think we Yanks are all 8 feet tall for my own inseam is only 28" and the wife hems off
about 24" that she saves for me to use as dust-rags....Wanna hear a favorable endorsement
of Old English furniture polish...I know it well! Chief

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