30 December

1942…62nd NCB is commissioned at Davisville RI

1964… NMCB-3 deployed a detail consisting of 1 officer and 27 enlisted men to Iwo Jima on 30 October 1964 to complete construction of a transmitter building and rejoined the Battalion in late December 1964

1965… NMCB-11’s Advance Party, consisting of 5 officers and 101 enlisted men deployed by air to Camp Adenir, Da Nang from CBC Port Hueneme. The movement was complete by 05 January 1966.

1966…Logistics difficulties continued to be a problem for the Naval Construction Forces during December. Insufficient material delivery for the Air Force Tigerhound project at Khe Sanh restricted Seabees at that location. However, work on the airstrip was completed and construction of parking aprons was 70 percent complete on 30 December.

1967…During NMCB-6’s 1967-1968 deployment, many of the shops which the Battalion constructed were Butler Buildings. Two such projects were the NSAD Small Craft Repair Facility which was constructed of 2”x10” rigid timeber bents and required only 262 direct mandays for completion and the MAG-13 Jet Engine Maintenance Shop which was a pre-engineered steel Pasco building requiring 1330 direct mandays and a cost of $50,000.
NMCB-6 worked on two large Pascoe Aircraft Hangers for MAG-12 similar to those seen in. The hangers, begun by NMCB-8 were continued by NMCB-6 and later transferred to NMCB-40, however, both hangers were damaged beyond repair during the TET Offensive

1968…NMCB-11’s Civic Action during the ’68-’69 deployment was largely that of donations because of the workload of the MER and pre-MER programs. As a result of the heavy workload, the men ahd little free time to do Civic Action work even on a volunteer basis. However, there were some projects they were able to become involved with. The design and plans for the III MARDIV Children’s Hospital waere drawn by NMCB-11 personnel. Working at night and on Sunday afternoons, the entire hospital was designed from the ground up by LTJG D.J. Huberty, CEC, USNR, NMCB-11’s Engineering Officer. All hands in the Engineering Department aided with their speciality, be it landscaping, electrical, plumbing, structural design, or drafting. The hospital was meant to be a livig memorial to the sailors and marines who had given their lives in the I Corps Tactical Zone. The Battalion also held a MEDCAP Program which was held three days a week in a MEDCAP station on Route 1 on the Quang Tri Combat Base. The station was staffed by NMCB-11 Corpsmen who treated an average of fifty people per day. The Battalion Corpsmen attached to the My Chanh detachmet also provided treatment at local churches and orphanages. A special interest was taken in the Vien Mo Coi Hai Long Orphanage by SWC R.J. Willis primarily through his efforts to erect a swing set for the children. Additionally, Chief Willis was responsible for numerous repairs and improvements. Another project taken on by the men of the Battalion in their limited free time was a full size concrete (75 cubic yards) basketball court for the Thanh Tam Catholic Boarding School in Quang Tri complete with backboards. Several concrete utility slabs were placed in the school yard near the well in the school yard at the Elementary School at Ai Tu. Playground facilities including swings, teeter-totter, an jungle gym were also fabricated and installed. Several meals were prepared and served to the children at lunchtime by Seabee volunteers.
…NMCB-121’s 2 man detail to the Nam Hoa Quarry rejoined the Battalion at Camp Wilkinson, Gia Le.
…NMCB-5’s Advance Party arrived at NMCB-1’s base camo at Camp Hoover
…NMCB-12 completed construction of the III MAF Telephone Exchange facility
…NMCB-12 assumed control of a project from NMCB-53 which consisted of the construction of a revetment enclosed telephone exchange facilty for III Marine Amphibious Fotce at Camp Horne, Da Nang. The project consisted of a 4480 square foot wood frame, plywood admin. And main-frame building, and concrete pads for equipment vans, all protected by 14 foot high Armco sand filled revetments, including electrical distribution, drainage, and conduits for communication lines.
NMCB-12 took over this project on 20September 1968 and remaining work included completion and filling of the revetments, placing concrete pads and PSP (pierced steel plank) matting, electrical work and some interior carpentry work. NMCB-12 finished the basic project scope and gave the customer Beneficial Occupancy on 15 Novenmebr, however the project continued into January 1969 for clean-up, sidewalks, drainage and other items necessary for the complete, workmanlike projects.
Problems encountered included erosion of the base material under the pierced steel plank during the monsoon rains. A concrete pad for the entire area within the revetments would have been much more satisfactory. However, the project was designed using PSP for the deck during a period when cement was scarce in RVN, but was actually constructed during a time of “plenty”. Had the design given the contractor an alternative, then the Battalion could have substituted in the field.
…NMCB-22 was the fourth battalion to be assigned to the hospital rehabilitation project at Hoi An. The project included the installation of a new water distribution system, including two water wells with their own chlorinationsystem, one new water tower with a 100 barrel steel tank, a new sanitary sewer system with three septic tanks each with drain fields, and the rehabilitation of shower, toilet, laundry and galley facilities in some twelve buildings of the hospital complex.
A detachment of thirteen men, mostly Bravo Company personnel, with support equipment was dispatched to Hoi An in mid-August. Plagued by continuing hostile military situation and periods of extreme inclement weather and flooding conditions, both of which adversely effected local progress and critical logistic support, the detail completed the project after 4˝ months

1969…NMCB-133/NMCB-10 BEEP commenced.
…RADM Dillon, CEC, USN, COM3NCB, CDR Popowich, CEC, USN, CO NMCB-1, toured the Battalion’s Delta area construction sites.

1970…NMCB-74 Detail Echo at Dong Tam received 5 mortar rounds. No damage or casualties resulted.
…Two NMCB-74 Detail Charlie personnel returning from Binh Thuy in a skimmer boat received 15 rounds of automatic rifle fire from the bank at Dong Binh. Rounds hit within 10 feet of the skimmer, however, no casualties or damage resulted.

1971…CBMU-302 completed three buildings comprising the Da Nang protein project

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