31 December

1966…NMCB-40 completed the MAG-12 Air Freight Terminal at Chu Lai
…NMCB-9 deployed a detachment to 2/1 Marines, seven miles south of Da Nang , consisting of 14 men, to build a 500-man messhall and upgrade camp facilities

1967… NMCB-58 completed the FLC Correctional Custody Compound which included two 16’x32’ strongback huts, a shower and a head. The shower had a concrete deck with a French drain, a dressing room, and four shower heads.
…NMCB-74 Advance Party, consisting of 4 officers and 60 enlisted men, including Seabee Teams 7401 and 7402 departed Da Nang via C-141 aircraft for CBC Gulfport.
…NMCB-62 Advance Party, consisting of 7 officers and 121 enlisted men, deployed to Camp Haskins South, Da Nang by C-141 aircraft and arrived to coordinate the BEEP and camp turnover from NMCB-74.
…The 1 January requirement for a POL storage capacity of 42,000 barrels at Tan My was more than justified by MCB-3 as tanks having a combined capacity of 60,000 barrels were completed prior to the end of December.
…At Phu Bai, MCB-121 continued work on the Third Marine Division’s fifth cantonment, which included 138 huts, one 500-man galley, six showers and head facilities. At month’s end, the total project was 95 percent complete
…Seabee Team 1110 deployed to Can Tho and Long Xuyen in late December 1967
…In testimony of the outstanding performance of the Seabees in civic action, JCS directed CNO to deploy seven additional Seabee Teams to support the USAID/Vietnam civic action program.

1968…NMCB-121 deployed a 16 man detail to Camp DeShurley, Phu Loc Quarry, to build living quarters for Detail Papa.
…NPC Film of Dependant’s Christmas Party was shown to all hands on New Year’s Eve.
…NMCB-1’s Detail Foxtrot completed railroad Bridge #4 at Phu Loc. Bridge #4 was the last major bridge to be repaired between Da Nang and Hue

1969… NMCB-1’s Detail Romeo, the Battalion’s northern most lay-down crew, paved for NMCB-74’s production record when they produced 1,368 tons of asphalt in a 12 hour period.
…At 0145 NMCB-1 set condition rocket and mortar attack. Secured at 0155.
…Naval Construction Forces had a funded backlog amounting to 41.3 weeks of horizontal work and 40.3 weeks of vertical work.

1970…The bodies of five Seabees from NMCB-74 where discovered on a waterway near Kien Binh. The Seabees had died of gunshot and fragmentation wounds. Investigation of witnesses disclosed that the five Seabees, armed with 3 M-16s and one pistol had been sighted in a Boston Whaler by Vietnamese personnel and hour and a half before, and ARVN units reported seeing U.S. personnel in a firefight in the same area. A Vietnamese eyewitness account indicated two VC sampans engaged the whaler, which was later found abandoned, with grenade and AK-47 fire on the Kinh Thot Canal. The five Seabees had been traveling from Cho Moi to Binh Thuy for minor medical treatment

BU2 Jerry B. Edmonds, Crossville, TN;
CE3 Harold E. Asher, Tulsa, OK;
EOCN Edgar P. Beck, Gowanda, NY;
CN John F. Neubauer, Mount Vernon, NY; and
CN Wayne S. Rushton, Eastlake, OH.

The previous day, two NMCB-74 Detail Charlie personnel returning from Binh Thuy in a skimmer boat received 15 rounds of automatic rifle fire from the bank at Dong Binh. Rounds hit within 10 feet of the skimmer, however, no casualties or damage resulted.


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