02 January

1968… A ceremony was held by the hamlet of Phouc Quang to honor and thank the NMCB-74 Civic Action Team for all its aid, with RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB as the honored guest.
…NMCB-40 Detail Bravo rejoined the Battalion from Binh Son as the hospital work order was cancelled by 30NCR.
…The NMCB-7/NMCB-53 BEEP commenced.
…Enemy attacks on base camps and work sites continued to inflict extensive damages and numerous personnel injuries during the month of January.
Enemy attacks during the month resulted in 3 Seabees being killed and 47 wounded. Booby traps, road mines, hostile small-arms fire, and rocket and mortar attacks on the camps and work sites of MCBs 3,5,10,58, and 53 caused the injuries to the 47 wounded Seabees.
…Another of NMCB-6’s large horizontal projects was the Americal Division Class II and IV open storage. 1850 direct mandays were expended at a cost of $567,750 in raising the entire area approximately one foot, placing 267,000 square feet of steel matting, and providing an extensive road and drainage network. The original site required approximately 100,000 cubic yards of fill and rock in order to allow drainage.
The largest of the covered storage projects was that for the Americal Division. Three Butler Buildings with two adjacent eyebrow extensions were located on the southern portion of the Americal Division Class II and IV open storage complex . A total of 782 direct mandays were expended at a cost of $26,634.
A refrigerated storage complex, doubling the existing capacity, was constructed by NMCB-6 for the Naval Support Activity Detachment in Chu Lai (NSAD Chu Lai). The project consisted of installation of forty 1200 cubic foot ABFC reefers with an integral power supply . 1080 direct mandays were expended at a cost of $219,000 in completion of this project
NMCB-6 added three additional 10,000 barrel bolted steel tanks to the existing facility operated by the Naval Support Activity Detachment Chu Lai. The entire was raised with sand fill approximately 3.5 feet and the actual erection of all three tanks and distribution times consumed less than 30 days

1969…At 0142, NMCB-12 at Camp Adenir came under attack from 122mm rocket fire causing minor damage to a CHARLIE Company berthing hut.

1971…NMCB-74 Detail Foxtrot, consisting of 1 officer and 15 enlisted men, deployed to Kien An to repair battle damage to ACTOV facilities.


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