06 January

1967NMCB-133 Advance Party began arriving at Camp Faulkner, Da Nang East The movement involved two flights with the second arriving on 07 January 1967.
150 men and 6 officers of NMCB-4s Advance Party arrived at Camp Hoover, Da Nang.

1968The NMCB-8 Advance Party consisting of 4 officers and 108 enlisted men departed CBC Port Hueneme via C-130 and C-118 aircraft for deployment to Camp Wilkinson, Gia Le Combat Base, Phu Bai. The Advance Party movement was completed by 17 January.
NMCB-7 completed and opened the new Camp Adenir Acey-Duecy Club.

1969CDR R.J. Westberg, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer, NMCB-8, and party of 4 commenced a five day pre-deployment visit to NMCB-3
NMCB-22 completed the design of drainage and erosion control of Camp Haskins

1970 On the morning of 6 January, 26 kilometers southeast of Hoi An, the enemy launched a massive attack on Fire Base Ross. An estimated 200, 82-mm mortar rounds, automatic weapons, and small arms fire were received followed by ground attacks. Satchel charges and grenades were thrown into huts on NMCB-7 personnel, and as they came out of the huts, A/W and S/A fire was received from the enemy that had penetrated the perimeter. Friendly forces suffered 14 killed and 64 wounded including seven NMCB-7 personnel wounded. Enemy losses were 38 killed and three captured.

1971NMCB-3 commenced construction on the aircraft shelters at FASU.

1972Seven mines were discovered in a borrow pit being worked by Seabee Team 7107 in Dinh Tuong Province.

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