09 January

1966Team 1006 having completed its mission with the Special Forces deployed to Tay Ninh, Tay Ninh Province, to establish a new team site and commence work in support of USOM. Team 1006 gear and two pieces of equipment were destroyed when fire broke out aboard a C-123 aircraft shortly after landing at Tay Ninh airfield. The aircraft was also destroyed.
NMCB-4 began construction of semi-permanent facilities in Camp Shields.

1967NMCB-4s Advance Party begins BEEP and in-country SOAP.

1968Seabee Team 5801 arrived in-country. The Team was under operational control of OICC CBPAC DET RVN at Chau Phu to perform construction support of USAID projects.

1969NMCB7s CO, CDR J.C. Rickels; the Medical Officer, LT J.J. Greco. And the Chaplain, LT J.C. OConnor, departed Camp Barnes on seven days TAD to visit Seabee Teams 0703 and 0704 returning on 16 January 1969.
NMCB-5 Staff Officers conducted a dependants briefing on life and work in Camp Hoover.
NMCB-22 completed the 3rd NCB Bunkers

1970NMCB-133/NMCB-10 BEEP concluded.

197114 Seabees of NMCB-74s Detail Foxtrot arrive at Kien An to repair battle damage to the base as well as upgrade perimeter security fencing and the base electrical system
Ten rounds of 82mm mortar fire struck the Solid Anchor Complex at Nam Can. Shrapnel damage to the MLO/Supply warehouse and advisors galley/BEQ resulted. One NMCB-74 Seabee received minor wounds.

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