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I remember posting this article last year on the Vietnam Memories Bulletin Board, now named THE FIREARMS FORUM...
Terry, perhaps you recall I went on to ask if Lt. Hark Yung Kettels had any
aid and assistance with his ideas that he was noted for...JW

14 January 1968 I-Corps Vietnam...
An inspection was held of a prototype bunker display constructed and set up in the 3NCB area by NMCB-58. GEN W.C. Westmoreland, COMMACV; LTGEN R.E. Cushman, CG Third Marine Amphibious Force; LTGEN Hoang Xuan Lam, CG I Corps and First Tactical Zone; and MGEN R.L. Murray, Deputy Commanding General Third Marine Amphibious Force, were escorted through the bunker area by RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB. Early in its deployment, NMCB-58 was tasked with the construction of five different types of prototype bunkers. Each bunker was completely different in design, but all were light enough to be airlifted and strong enough to support a three foot layer of sand. As a result of Gen Westmoreland’s inspection and test data provided by the Battalion, two bunkers were selected for mass production. The Battalion expended 662 man days of direct labor on this project.

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