16 January

1967… CDR R.H. Miller, CEC, USN, Operations Officer, CBPAC; LCDR J.G. Bauer, Training Officer, CBLANT; and LCDR F.M. Newcomb, CEC, USN, Training Officer, CBPAC, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Campbell

1968… Crew at NMCB-121 River Rock Site, received 5 rounds 82mm mortar. No casualties
…NMCB-40 Detail Charlie rejoined the Battalion from Quang Ngai upon completion of the Cantonment for the ARVN 2nd Engineer Battalion
…NMCB-7’s Detail Bravo One returned to Camp Adenir from Hoi An after being relieved by NMCB-53 personnel.
…The inhabitants of the island of Phu Luu gave a party foe selected NMCB-3 personnel in appreciation for the assistance provided them through the civil affairs program.
…Along Route 1 there existed numerous small “box culvert” size bridges of less than 40 feet in span length. These bridges had become a favorite demolition target for enemy troops in their effort to hinder the flow of vehicle traffic.

1969…CAPT A.M. Lalande, Jr., OICC DIRCONNORTH, visited NMCB-74 at Camp Shields.
…31st NCR representatives conducted BEEP critique at Camp Hoove, Da Nang.
…CAPT D.G. Iselin, COMCBLANT, and CAPT J.R. Fisher, COM#)NCR, visited Camp Hoover and toured NMCB-1’s job sites in the Da Nang area, and were honored guests at the traditional going away party in the evening hosted by NMCB-1
…MCB-22 Laundry & galley Equip. completed

1970… CDR R.A. Schade Jr., CEC, USN, CO NMCB-5, LCDR R.E. Robie Jr., SC, USN, LCDR E.B. Camden, CEC, USN, LTJG D.S. Kaku, CEC, USN, and CUCM R.H. Day, USN, of NMCB-5, conducted a predeplyment visit to Camp Haskins North and NMCB-1’s Delta construction sites.
…CDR J.J. Gawarkiewicz, III, CEC, USN, CO NMCB 133 was relieved of the command of Camp Wilkinson by CDR D.P. Johnson, CEC, USN, CO NMCB-10.
… On 16 January, NMCB-133 was relieved by NMCB-10 and redeployed to Gulfport, MS. NMCB-10 established headquarters at Camp Wilkinson, Gia Le Combat Base.

1971… NMCB-3’s Detail Libra received mortar rounds in their camp at Hill 37. There were no Seabee casualties

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