18 January

1966Charlton Heston visited NMCB-5 at Camp Hoover.

1968NMCB-53 begins its first of two RVN deployments at Camp Adenir relieving NMCB-7 which was completing its second RVN deployment
NMCB-121 provided assistance in MEDEVACing two Vietnamese children, injured when a hand grenade they were playing with exploded.
NMCB-121 road patch crew received 6 rounds small arms fire on Route 1 at YD 845 173. No casualties.
An NMCB-121 5- ton dump truck was heavily damaged by a road mine at AD 082 990. No casualties.
NMCB-62/NMCB-74 BEEP concluded.
At a special ceremony at Camp Adenir Main gate, CDR R.A. Bowers, Commanding Officer of NMCB-53 relieved CDR L.D. Lawson, Commanding Officer of NMCB-7 as Camp Adenir Commander. The traditional duck was passed, symbolizing the change of command.
NMCB-7s Main Body began departing Camp Adenir for CBC Davisville aboard eight C-141 aircraft. The movement was completed by 20 January 1968.

1969NMCB-58 Advance Party, consisting of 6 officers and 94 enlisted men arrived at Camp Shields.
NMCB-3 issued mortar alert at 0042 due to mortar attack and sapper squad infiltration of FLC. No NMCB-3 casualties; no enemy rounds in camp. Stepped down to Condition II Modified at 0110.
Capt. D.G. Iselin, COMCBLANT visited NMCB-12 at Camp Adenir, received a briefing on Battalion projects and plans, and toured construction projects in the Da Nang East area.

1971Seabee Team 13305 closed out its site at Long Thanh, Rung Sat Special Zone.
CDR R.L. Siegle, CBPAC, visited NMCB-74 Detail Charlie.
1 officer and 41 enlisted men rejoined NMCB-74 at CBC Bien Hoa from Detail Yankee,
NMCB-3s Detail Borealis made initial landing at Ca Mau ACTOV base site.
NMCB-3s Detail Libra received three mortar rounds and small arms fire in their camp. There were no Seabee casualties.
NMCB-3s Detail Mercury departed Camp Haskins South for LZ Baldy to repair bridges and stabilize bridge approaches along QL-1 between Tam Ky and Thanh Quit.


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