19 January

1964William W. Corzette, BUC while serving with Seabee Technical Assistance Team 09-04 in the Republic of Vietnam on 19 January 1964 was awarded the Combat Distinguishing Device. When a Viet Cong ambush squad opened fire on his work detail, Corzette, although completely exposed to the enemy fire, immediately directed his men to remain covered while he returned fire. He rooted the attackers and limited casualties among his men to one wounded.

1967 NMCB-58 completed construction of 32 12x20 huts with concrete floors for local civilians in Da Nang. The project, begun on 09 January 1967, was a result of a USAF contracted civilian aircraft crashing in Bien Thai Village near the Da Nang airfield on 26 December 1966. The project required the utmost in response in order to meet the completion date of 08 February a967, the commencement of the celebration of Tet. Ten days of day and night operations produced the 32 homes.
CAPT A.R. Marschall, CEC, USN, COM30NCR and CDR D.N. Schockey, CEC, USN, CO NMCB-9, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Campbell.

1968 NMCB-121 Bridge Recon Team received ten rounds 82mm mortar at ZD 098 006. No casualties.
NMCB-58 Detail Charlie, consisting of from1 to 9 officers and from 54 to 355 enlisted men, consisting of Detail Alpha Two, augmented by C and D Companies and personnel from B and HQ Companies, were deployed at Hoi An in the construction of a ROK Marine cantonment which continued until 10 August 1968.
NMCB-7s Detail Alpha returned to Camp Adenir from Dong Ha after being relieved by NMCB-53 personnel.

1969CWO Marr, CEC, USN, 31NCR conducted Equipment Administrative Inspection on NMCB-121.
NMCB-74 Advance Party of 1 officer and 21 enlisted men departed Camp Shields, Chu Lia for CBC Gulfport.
NMCB-58 Advance Party, consisting of 6 officers and 94 enlisted men, arriver at Camp Shields, Chu Lai from CBC Davisville.
NMCB-22 completed the Da Nang Air Base Work Center Sewer project

1970 LCDR J. Rugless, CEC, USN, and party conducted COM31NCR Equipment Administration Inspection on NMCB-7.

1971 An unknown number of VC attacked and sank a VNN Junk boat on the river near the NMCB-74 Detail Hotel site at Long Phu. One VNN was killed in action and two VNN were reported missing in action.
CDR R.L. Siegle, CBPAC visited NMCB-74 Detail Golf.

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