1964…CBPAC DET Thai (to provide Operational Control of Seabee Teams in Thailand) was established under the operational control of COMUSMAC Thai. OIC CBPAC DET RVN was also the first OIC CBPAC DET Thai. He was assisted by an AOIC assigned to Bangkok, Thailand

1967… During NMCB-58’s ’66-’67 deployment the Battalion was tasked with upgrading the Tango Area of the Da Nang Airbase. Tango was the original designation for the area occupied by Headquarters of the 1st Marine Aircraft Wing. There were approximately 68 buildings, all old French masonry structures with clay tile roofs, badly in need of repair. Practically all were fully occupied so a plan was proposed for the systematic approach towards the rehabilitation of all buildings within a framework that would minimize disruption to the Aircraft Wing’s daily administration activities. The plan, a CPM layout, proved helpful at first but soon made the situation clear that the Aircraft Wing Headquarters could not vacate sufficient structures to permit completion prior to the end of the NMCB-58 deployment. As a result only approximately one-half the structures were completed.
…NMCB-58 completed the rehab of Tango Area buildings 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26 for 1st MAW. The project, begun on 12 December 1966, consisted of new partitions and interior and exterior painting.
…Team 0510 convoyed to Tan An, Long An Province, and established a team site.
…Team 0807 established a new site at Dien Khanh, Khanh Hoa Province.
…LTGEN L.W. Walt, USMC, CG III MAF; MGEN H. Nickerson, USMC, CG, 1st MARDIV; RADM T.C. Weschler, USN, COMNSA Da Nang; RADM P.E. Seufer, CEC, USN, COM3NCB; BGEN R.C. Owens, USMC, Ass’t Wing Commander, 1st MAW; BGEN J.E. Herbold, Jr., USMC, CG, FLC, were on board Camp Hoover for a reception.
…The 165 foot, 60 ton capacity bridge spanning the Sang Tuy Loan River at its junction with Route 5 was completed by NMCB-10.
…Mr. and Mrs. Tregaskis, authors of Guadalcanal Diary visited NMCB-4 at Camp Hoover for three days.

1968…Seabee Team 0602 established a site at Phuoc Le, Phouc Tuy Province.
…Timber bridges at AD 098 006 burned. NMCB-121 Bridge Recon Team at the site received one round of 82mm mortar fire. No casualties.
…An NMCB-10 MRS-110 hit a mine on Route 1 at YD393454. No personnel injuries’ damage to the vehicle was limited to destruction of the right-front tire and wheel.
…CDR C.H. Swift, COMCBPAC Chaplain visited NMCB-6 at Camp Miller, Chu Lai, and held an Administrative Inspection.
…Seabee Team 0602 arrived in Phouc Le.
…The NMCB-3/NMCB-8 BEEP was completed.
…The NMCB-3 rock crusher/quarry site was officially dedicated as Camp Coker in memory of YN3 Coker who was killed during a mortar attack on the Phu Bai/Gia Le complex.
…One evening artillery attack on Dong Ha (CBMU-301 DCR Vol 1)
…Four utility landing craft (LCU’s) departed from the Da Nang East LCU yard with 115 MCB-9 men, precut building materials, rolling stock, and other gear bound for NMCB-121’s camp at Phu Bai, in preparation for moving to a virgin quarry site to be developed by NMCB-9’s Detail Echo at Hill 494, near Phu Loc, thirty-five miles north of Da Nang.

1969…CAPT D.G. Iselin, CEC, USN, COMCBLANT; CAPT A.W. Walton, CEC, USN, COM32NCR; CAPT R.C. Engram, CEC, USN, Deputy Director of Construction, MACV; and CAPT E.L. Pickett, CEC, USN, MACV Staff, visited NMCB-128 at Camp Rhodes.
…CDR Jack Moger, CEC, USN, prospective NMCB-121 Commanding Officer, reported aboard.
…CAPT D.G. Iselin, COMCBLANT, came onboard Camp Campbell to tour NMCB-40 jobsites
…The recently completed Force Logistic Support Group Bravo Chapel completed by NMCB-7 was dedicated.
…NMCB-5 Detail Echo departed Camp Hoover for Camp DeShurley, Phu Loc.
…NMCB-3 issued mortar alert at 1957 due to rocket attack on FLC and 1st Marine Air Wing. Stepped down to Condition III Modified at 2000. No NMCB-3 casualties; no enemy rounds fell in camp.
…CAPT W.H. Sturman, CEC, USN, 3NCB REP Saigon, toured NMCB-3 projects in the Da Nang and An Hoa areas.
…Capt. R.C. Engram, CEC, USN, Deputy Director of Construction, MACV; Capt. D.G. Iselin, CEC, USN, COMCBLANT, and Capt. A.W. Walton, CEC, USN, COM32NDNCR visited NMCB-10.

1971… On 22 January, two rounds of 122mm rocket fire struck Bien Hoa AFB complex (also HQ for MCBs 74 and 133). In these incidents, the only Seabee casualty was one member of Team 74-07 who suffered a bullet wound and severe laceration to his left arm and was medevaced to Okinawa.

1972…Seabee Team 04-17 closed its site at Xuan Loc City in Long Khanh Province.
…CBMU-302 hauled down it’s colors and departed Vietnam, marking the completion of four and one half years of service in RVN. This marked the end of the formal stand down begun on I December. CBMU-302 was commanded by CDR. D.G. Wilson

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