31 January

1967… A record 25 inches of rainfall was received during the month of January. Normal rainfall for January was 5.5 inches.
…The logistic picture at Khe Sanh improved with the arrival of materials for the Air Force Tigerhound project. Three bunkers were under construction at month’s end.
…In January heavy rains continued to slow construction in I Corps, with vertical construction reduced and horizontal construction (earth work) halted in some instances. However, satisfactory progress was made on many projects despite adverse weather conditions.
…Work under construction by MCB-62 during January included construction of a helicopter parking apron at Phu Bai, installation of a new deck for the Nong River Bridge and various well-drilling projects.
Well-drilling projects at An Khe and Cu Chi were completed in January. Two producing wells were drilled at An Khe and five at Cu Chi.
…At the end of January, major projects under construction by MCB-9 included contonments for the First Marine Division and buildings for the First Military Police Battalion. In the Da Nang East area, MCB-5 continued construction of the Naval Support Activity Exchange facility at Elephant Beach and the amphitheater at China Beach.
…In January, the number of Seabee Teams in country increased to six with the arrival of teams 0510 and 0807.
…During the month, Team 0510, assigned to the city of Tan An in Long An Province, conducted extensive training sessions at the Chieu Hoi (open arms) village in Tan An. The training included instruction in cement mixing, block mold tamping and curing techniques. Twelve Hoi Chanhs (returnees) worked with the team. Eventually, four of the returnees will be permanently assigned to the team as construction workers. The team’s hospital corpsman and his Vietnamese trainee held sick call twice a week at the Chieu Hoi Village.
…Meanwhile, Team 0807 was assigned to Dien Khanh in Khanh Hoa Province. During the month the team began a number of construction jobs as well as land fill and road grading projects. The team also started fabricating playground equipment for schools in the district. In addition, the team began training inhabitants of a nearby hamlet in the technique of mixing and placing reinforced concrete.
…Throughout the month, the other Seabee Teams continued to help the Vietnamese build and improve homes, schools, hospitals, roads, and storage and sewage systems. At the same time, team corpsmen treated hundreds of civilian patients in remote villages and hamlets. In An Giang Province, the corpsman of Team 0509 received letters of appreciation from the Nui Choc Hamlet Chief for the corpsman’s medical assistance.
…In January, the number of Chaplains assigned to U.S. Naval Forces, Vietnam was 21, 17 Protestant and 4 catholic. Throughout the month, chaplains ministered to the needs of naval forces in a variety of ways as well as participating actively in civic action projects

1968… NMCB-128 set Ground Defense Condition One at Camp Faulkner due to mortar and rocket attacks on nearby facilities. Enemy launching sites observed by NMCB-128 were reported to the sector fire coordinator. Enemy river boats and swimmers sighted in the river along the west perimeter of Camp Faulkner. The sector fire coordinator authorized the use of M-60 machine guns, M-16 Automatic Rifles, and M-79 Grenade launchers against the enemy. Subsequent fire resulted in two detainees and two enemy killed. No NMCB-128 casualties or incoming rounds.
…0325-0735 Phu Bai Combat Base came under rocket attack and Condition I Alert was in effect. An NMCB-121 mobile crane was hit at ZD 098006 by rocket, mortar, and small arms fire during the night on Phu Loc District Headquarters. Phu Bai Combat Base again came under attack from 1325 to 0700 the next morning by incoming 122mm rocket and mortar rounds. No rounds impacted in Camp Campbell.
…NMCB-121 dump truck hit a mine at AD082990, sustaining heavy damage. No casualties.
…Chu Lai Combat Base came under 122mm rocket attack. NMCB-40’s base camp at Camp Shields received minor widespread damage as a result of a 0.5 kiloton secondary explosion in an ammunition storage point caused by the rocket attack. No NMCB-40 casualties resulted.
…Approximately thirty-five 82mm mortar rounds were received in the NMCB-10 area at 0545 hours. Nine personnel casualties were sustained and minor damage to the camp and four vehicles. The start of the work day was delayed for only two and one-half hours. Personnel casualties were: BUC Willard A. Huling; BUC Roger W. Nelson; SW1 Edward V. Grady; EON2 David Marlett; BM3 Gary A. Mudge; RM3 John R. Stanfield; SN David W. Riutta; SN Edward B. harris; and HN Dennis A. Gutowski. Four of those were serious enough to require MEDEVAC.
…Gia Le Combat Base came under 122mm rocket attack. Camp Wilkinson received 4four rounds, with the base receiving approximately 20-30 rounds. The alarm was sounded and NMCB-3 and NMCB-8 personnel went to their shelters for approximately 10 minutes. Thereafter the perimeter was fully manned. While the perimeter was manned, one rocket landed in an Alpha Company fighting trench resulting in one KIA (EONCN Lawrence N. Stangel) and 3 WIA for NMCB-3 and 4 WIA for NMCB-8. At approximately 0530, one round of 122mm rocket fire impacted in the Engineering/Drafting building and the Charlie Company Office, destroying both completely by fire. Seven other adjacent structures aere slightly damaged. )
…NMCB-8;s Detail India, consisting of 1 officer and 65 enlisted men deployed to Camp Kinser, Okinawa tasked with constructing berthing and messing facilities.
…NMCB-8’s Detail Yankee, consisting of 1 officer and 76 enlisted men, traveled by air to Col Co Island tasked with construction of POL facilities and cantonment in support of NSAD Tam Ky
…A coordinated enemy attack was launched against Tam Ky city at 0500 with mortar, rocket, and ground forces. The NMCB-6 detail of 1 officer and 55 enlisted man participated in the successful defense of province headquarters. The main enemy force withdrew at 1030 but sporadic sniper fire was received for the next 48 hours. NMCB-6 was credited with 46 enemy kills during the attack in which the enemy had a total of 581 killed. BUR2 Peter F. Moore, was wounded in the arm by enemy fire and was evacuated by helicopter to 2nd Surgical Hospital.
…The Chu Lai Combat Base received 122mm rockets, 82mm mortar rounds, and small arms fire. Camp Miller was not damaged.
…Gia Le Combat Base received rocket fire during midday. NMCB-3 went to Condition Alpha but no rounds received in the camp area. Two enemy ground attacks were repelled. The first between bunkers 6 and 8 defending A Company equipment yards and the second by Headquarters Company personnel, who defended a substantial sector of the 3rd Marine Shore Party perimeter throughout the night. Illumination round canisters fired by friendly forces separating in flight caused damage to the main command post and narrowly missed striking the alternate and 32NCR command post.
…Two daytime artillery attacks on Dong Ha
…MCB-9 UTCM Melvin J. Olson, USN, was relieved as Battalion Chief Petty Officer by EQCM Robert J. Gormley, in a formal field ceremony held at Camp Hoover.

1969… Radm. Bartlett, COM3NCB and Capt Fisher, COM30NCR visited NMCB-12 Construction and civic action projects.

1970… BUCN Glen A. Jackson, III, USN, was killed when the sixth vehicle of an NMCB-7 convoy struck a 100-pound mine while traveling on Route 535 from landing zone Ross to landing zone Baldy, 40 miles north of Chu Lai. There were two other NMCB-7 and one U.S. marine wounded.
…Naval Construction Forces had a projected backlog amounting to 37.7 weeks of horizontal work and 26.9 weeks of vertical work, The programmed backlog amounts to an additional 3.9 weeks of horizontal and 4.9 weeks of vertical work.

1971… A single mortar round struck the Solid Anchor Complex at Nam can. No injuries or damage were received by NMCB-74 Detail Golf.
…NMCB-3’s Detail Pegasus departed Camp Haskins South for Camp Tien Sha to commence the retrograde of equipment.

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