06 February

1967…On 06 February, the Viet Cong fired mortars on the Payne Compound at Tam Ky, 35 miles south of Danang where a detachment from MCB-8 was working. UT2 James O. Miller was mortally wounded in the attack.
…NMCB-133 begins it’s first of three RVN deployments at Camp Faulkner relieving NMCB-6 which was completing it’s first RVN deployment
…NMCB-58 turned over to NMCB-74 the rehab project of Buildings 13, 14, 15, 306, and 307 for 1st MAW, Tango Area on 05 June 1967. The project, begun on 06 February 1967, consisted of rehabilitating several old French masonry buildings, including new ceilings and partitions, roof repairs, new wiring and utilities, and interior and exterior painting. At the time of turnover, buildings 13, 306, and 307 had been completed, At building 14, the roof repairs, interior framing, and both interior and exterior painting had been completed and the plumbing having just begun. Building 15, Staff NCO Club, had not been started due to insufficient material. At the time of turnover, the project was 60% complete.
…Last flight of NMCB-4 Main Body arrived at Da Nang.

1968…Memorial Services were held for NMCB-128’s LTJG Michael Hollingsworth and BU1 Paul Hallman. Guests at the service included:
CAPT H.J. Johnson, CEC, USN, Deputy Commander PACDIVNACFAC
LTCOL T.R. Torgeson, USA, Deputy CO 16th Combat Aviation Group
…CDR C.H. Swift, CHC, COMCBPAC conducted an Administrative Inspection for NMCB-128’s Religious Program.
…NMCB-128 set Ground Defense Condition One when the perimeter security watch observed rocket flashes. Coordinates were provided of launching sites to the Sector Fire Coordinator. No NMCB-128 casualties or incoming rounds.
…Phu Bai Combat Base was under rocket attack from 0705 to 0816.
…A rocket/mortar attack occurred at the U.S. Army’s 1st Air Cavalry Division Maintenance Facility. NMCB-62 personnel remained in their mortar holes from0100 to 0230. No rounds impacted within Camp Haskins South.
…An NMCB-10 mobile crane struck a land mine at YD460415, sustaining major damage. EON2 W.W. Wolf was MEDEVACED with minor injuries.
…The lead 5-ton tractor-trailer in an MCB-9 convoy detonated an enemy mine enroute to MCB-121’s camp at Phu Bai from the Hill 494 quarry site. No personnel casualties were sustained.

1970…NMCB-121 Detail Water Witch Alpha, consisting of 3 enlisted men to Hill 41 to commence well drilling operations.
…Management inspection of NMCB-74 conducted by CBPAC representative, LCDR G.R. Matthews and 32NCR representative, CAPT J.B. Francis, USMC. Ordnance, Communication, and Military Readiness areas were reviewed along with Embarkation and Contingency Planning.

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