27 February

1967On 27February67, the Viet Cong shelled the Danang Air Base and an adjoining Vietnamese village with 51 rounds of Soviet style rockets. Eleven Army, Air Force, and Marine personnel were killed and 27 others were wounded. The airbase remained operational, but a number of aircraft were damaged and 5 signal vans were destroyed. Naval facilities received minor damage.
...NMCB-58 completed an extension to the parking apron at the Da Nang Airbase. The area consisted of 23,000 sq. yd. of 8 soil cement based course placed on a compacted sand subgrade and surfaced with 2 of hot mixed asphalt. Two concrete ditches were formed on either side of the apron, one of which was 1,160 lin. Ft. with 12 reinforced concrete cover sections. The project was begun on 20 October 1966 during the monsoon season because of the extreme urgency of the project. A temporary drainage system was constructed and 12,000 cu. yds of sand fill was hauled in. Once the sub-base was brought to grade, the permanent drainage structures were begun. It was necessary to pre-cast both the concrete ditch bottoms and the tops because of the high water table. Construction of the sub-base continued throughout the monsoon season. Many extra man-days were used while working on the sub-base during this time, however, it permitted an over all project completion date well in advance of that which would have resulted if these man-days had not been expended.
It was estimated that the two months of work during the monsoon season could have been done in 3 weeks in dry weather. However, this would have delayed this much needed facility one month. In February a break in the weather permitted the parking apron to be brought to final grade and thoroughly compacted.

1968At 1530, an NMCB-62 jeep, with 2 men aboard, drew 3 rounds of small arms sniper fire while traveling on Route 1, near Da Nang, at coordinates AT983771. No casualties were sustained.
An NMCB-10 five-ton truck struck a land mine at YD458520, sustaining major damage. HM2 P.C. Jones; EON3 C.R. Howerton; EONCN S.E. Boudewyns; EON2 O.L. Westberry; EON3 R.E. Houst; EOH3 J.E. Foerschler; and CN R.A. Smith, received minor injuries.
RADM J.V. Bartlett, COM3NCB, visited NMCB-8 at Camp Wilkinson

1969NMCB-3 issued mortar alert from 2230 to 2256 due to rocket attack on Da Nang Enclosure. No casualties or rounds in camp. (MCB-3 DCR 68-69)
NMCB-22 completed the set-up of the Vinh Dai Asphalt Plant

1971CBMU-302s NAVCAT 5 completed 98 VNN dependant shelters and a five room school.
One on NMCB-3s Detail Neptunes Ammi pontoons at Cua Viet was damaged by a sapper-placed limpet mine. There were no Seabee casualties.
NMCB-3s Detail Regulus departed Camp Haskins South for LZ Stinson for well drilling operations.

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