08 March

1965…ACB-1 aids the Marines in making an amphibious landing at DaNang

1966…NMCB-1 begins it’s first of four RVN deployments at Camp Haskins-North, (Danang) being the first Battalion to occupy Camp Haskins, named for…The battalion had been scheduled to deploy to Rota, Spain to relieve NMCB-7. On 20 December 1965, ONE was directed to begin planning for a deployment to RVN making it the first East Coast battalion to serve in Vietnam.

1967…CAPT A.R. Marschall, CEC, USN, COM30NCR; CAPT C.F. Krickenberger Jr., CEC, USN, CINPACFLT; and CDR E.J. Williams, CEC, USN, CO NMCB-5, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Campbell.
…NMCB-4’s detail at An Hoa completed the An Hoa runway and turnarounds 8 days ahead of schedule. The crew was reduced from 70 to 48 men.
…Secretary of Defense McNamara orders the procurement of 200,000 spools of barbed wire (50,000 miles) and 5 million 32-inch and 72-inch fence posts to begin construction of “Practice Nine”. The proposed barrier running along the DMV from the South China Sea to the Laotion border….The “McNamara Line”

1968…RADM J.V. Bartlett: BGEN Kim Sek Koo, Chief of Staff, 2nd ROK Marine Brigade; and CAPT C.W. Turner, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, inspected the NMCB-58 construction site and were briefed on planning for the ROK Marine cantonment at Hoi An.
…NMCB-8’s Detail Gypsy convoyed to Hue Stadium to provide security and support for the other Battalion Details working in the Hue area.
…Camp Barnes received 10 rounds of enemy rocket and artillery fire, The action resulted in 3 KIA’s. CN E.E. Nevins, CEW2 J.P. Hartlage II, and BUL2 J.W. Borders; and 8 WIA’s, SWFCN J.L. Ward, SWF2 G.R. Adams, BUL3 R.A. Terry, BULCN M.C. Radford, CEP2 D.L. Spahn, CEP3 W.D. White, BUL2 E.J. Sykora Jr., and CEW3 K.E. Mullis. One berthing hut was completely destroyed.

1969…NMCB-58 began construction of a 140,000 sq. ft. extension to the taxiway at the 178th ASHC using laterite and rock base covered with M8A1 matting. The sub-grade work was completed in mid-March. The project was put on hold due to lack of funds for the rock. When permission was received to charge the rock under a different work order, work was resumed. 540 bundles were staged and committed to the project. The project was turned over to NMCB-7 at the end of the deployment.
…NMCB-7 Advance Party, consisting of 2 Officers and 17 Enlisted men departed Camp Barnes, Dong Ha for Da Nang, enroute to CBC Davisville.
…31NCR conducted a blues inspection of NMCB-4 as part of the Battalion’s Annual Administrative Inspection. NMCB-4 participated in a Regimental Pass in Review and Awards Ceremony held on the CBC Grinder. NMCB-4 personnel celebrated the 27th anniversary of the Seabees and the 102nd birthday of the Civil Engineer Corps at the Officer’s Ball, the Chief Petty Officer’s buffet dinner and dance, and the Enlisted Men’s dance.
…NMCB-3 listening post came under small arms fire by one Viet Cong suspect. LP returned fire and suspect disappeared in village. There were no casualties.

1970…Holiday routine was observed by NMCB-7 in honor of the 28th anniversary of the Seabees and the 103rd anniversary of the Civil Engineer Corps.
…RADM Marschall, CEC, USN, COM3NCB/OICC RVN, and party conducted an inspection tour of NMCB-1’s Nam Can construction site.
…NMCB-1’s Detail Quebec, two mini-teams of 5 men each, rejoined the Battalion at camp Haskins North from various Coastal Groups throughout Vietnam
…The 28th birthday of the Seabees and the 103rd anniversary of the Civil Engineer Corps were celebrated with appropriate ceremonies and festivities. The Guest of Honor, Col. Le Van Than, Province Chief, Thua Thien Province was presented with an engraved NMCB-10 Plaque in commeration of the day. Other distinguished guests included Capt. J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN, COM32NCR, and Col. E.E. Love, CE, USA, XXIV Corps Engineer.
…Cynthia Hollar was crowned Seabee Queen at the annual CEC/Seabee Ball at the Philadelphia Naval Base Officers Club.

1971…Seabee Team 7105 departed its Team site at Go Cong City, Go Cong Province without relief, placing the team compound in caretaker status.
…NMCB-3’s Detail Borealis received six rounds of small arms sniper fire. There were no Seabee casualties.
…CBMU-302 turned over 27 dependant shelters at Tan My


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