I suppose if I am still around next year at this time that I will recall and tell the
same story of the tragic war time event that was mere months into my first
Vietnam deployment....I had already experienced the almost daily attacks and
other occasions of the period and the location that far north in that complex war.
I still think it was that almost spiritual testing of observing what I described as
well as I could...that seeming to be a veil and that what appeared in that wounded
mans features...the smile as best I could describe it...the acceptance of something
or someone for that ever so brief moment....what would have happened had that
mortally wounded man survived.. would it have been one of the so-called,
'out-of-body' experiences stories have been written about.... their seeing something
marvelously beautiful, but turned around and sent back...back to what it was.. I
recall reading a story about a man who was struck by lighting... Those three
fatalities of that attack....names I come to know so well, but I did not personally
know any of them ....names on a battalion roster... I did not know which of those
three was the one I was tending that morning for that brief moment...Following that
described moment I recall calling the corpsman back, I suppose frantically...I don't know as I don't remember was years before I even attempted to tell about it...after action reports, in wartime especially, are usually brief and factual and no
room for pondering or speculation...JW

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