Advice I, as a long term married senior, would be to let the lady address any
descriptive verbs she would desire to address you troops obvious
there such a word...shows I've spelled it wrong...okay, your lack of being aware
of your surroundings...that open cupboard door right above where you are stooping
down to retrieve a lid for that pan you just placed on the stoves burner...making
gravy again, huh....remember the last time you made that roast beef drippings into
gravy those lumps were the size of dumplings! Oh Chef, you're
making meat loaf for chow tonight are trying that new skillet looking thing
you ordered off TV...that one that don't let food stick...put the entire skillet into
a 350 degree oven, handle and all...Bippie, you should'a realized that skillet handle
would be oven reached in there without a pad and scorched your mitt...she
made that "tut-tut" noise as she applied some greasy concoction to your "widdo-hand"!
You claim to her that you smell burning flesh....come on 'fire starter', that's the meat added some chopped up SPAM to increase the size as you had so few bread
crumbs...The glaring truth, as I have come to suspect and recognize it is that I injure
myself more in the kitchen than I do in my wood working shop!JW

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