15 March

1942NCB-1 is commissioned at Camp Allen, Norfolk, VA. The Battalion was divided into two detachments which operated independently of each other on the Pacific islands until April 1943 when they merged once again to form a single battalion.

1966NMCB-58 is commissioned at CBC Davisville.
NMCB-4 mounted out a 15 man construction detail by air to Kham Duc. The detail began work on the Kham Duc runway after airlifting a small work detail with construction equipment to the Special Forces Camp near the Laotian border.

1967NMCB-1 Advance Party consisting of 107 personnel deployed to Da Nang on two C-141 aircraft from NAS Quonset Point, RI
On 15 March the USS Caroline County (LST 525) and USS Snohomish County (LST 1126) transited the Cua Viet channel and beached at the newly constructed LST ramp on the south bank of the Thach Han River. The opening of the Cua Viet to LSTs initiated a new LST supply route and provided Dong Ha with a significant re-supply capability.

1968NMCB-121 completed the timber bridge at Phu Loc and began work on the timber bridge at YD 838176.
At approximately 0055, Quang Tri Airfield came under rocket attack. The helo pad area sustained minor damage which was repaired the following morning. No rounds impacted in the NMCB-10 camp.

1969At 0012 the Song Nong (I-37) Railroad Bridge, at YD 926103, was blown by enemy divers.
NMCB-58 celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the re-commissioning of The Great 58.
NMCB-53 participated in Change of Command ceremony in which CAPT J.E. Powell, CEC, USN, relieved CAPT J.R. Fisher, CEC, USN, as Commander 30NCR.
NMCB-12 Detail Delta Two, consisting of 1 officer and an average of 60 enlisted men, deployed to Dien Ban to construct cantonments for the 1st Battalion 2nd ROK Marine Brigade and the 466th Regional Force Rifle Company, and to make repairs to the Song Cau Lau Bridge. The Detail rejoined the battalion on 20 April 1969.
NMCB-12 Detail Alpha Five, consisting of 2 enlisted men, deployed to Tra Bong to operate equipment for the repair of 5th Special Forces landing strips. The Detail rejoined the battalion on 20 April 1969.
NMCB-5 participated in the change of command ceremonies when CAPT J.E. Powell, CEC, USN, relieved CAPT J.R. Fisher, CEC, USN, as Commander 30th NCR.
Rocket attack on An Hoa
NMCB-22s reputation for turning out good quality work on time while providing its own security had made its nickname of The Professionals a true definition of the Battalions ability. NMCB-22 received word in January 1969 that it would be de-activated upon return to homeport and on 15 March 1969, the battalion was reverted back to its reserve status.

1970NMCB-74 Crew Quebec, consisting of 22 enlisted men from Charlie and Alpha Companies, deployed to Hoi An to construct Force Support Increase facilities for the ARVN. The Detail rejoined the battalion on 18 April 1970.

1971CBMU-302 turned over 94 dependant shelters to the VNN in ceremonies held at An Khan
CBMU-302 turned over 160 dependant housing units to the VNN at Cam Ranh Bay Naval Training Center. A school and convent were also turned over.

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