20 March

1967NMCB-9 turned over a storage complex of 12 rigid frame 40 x 96 buildings and open storage area to the 1st Marine Division.
Twenty men returned to NMCB-9 at Camp Haskins after 5 1/2months at Quang Ngai . A medical warehouse and two hospital burn wards were turned over to the Quang Ngai Province Chief. Other work was completed and turned over to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

1968NMCB-58 completed the resurfacing of the FLC Heliport. 1,164 tons of hot-mix asphalt were used to cover this 300x300 helopad at FLC, Red Beach, Da Nang for which the Battalion expended 936 man-days of direct labor for this project.
CAPT C.G. Miller, CEC, USN and CDR B.J. Hackenson, SC, USN conducted a CBPAC Management Assistance visit with NMCB-128 at Camp Faulkner.
An NMCB-121 rubber tired roller was heavily damaged by incomimg rounds at Phu Bai Combat Base.
NMCB-121 work site at LZ Sally was mortared. No NMCB-121 casualties.

1969NMCB-121 began removal of the blown Song Nong Railroad Bridge truss section.
NMCB-58 set Condition Yellow at Camp Shields at 2130 when 4 rockets impacted on the beach of the camp adjacent to Camp Shields.
NMCB-58 Cam Lo Quarry site received 3 rounds of sniper fire at 1045. Fire returned with negative results.
Phu Bai Combat Base came under mortar attack at approximately 2400. No rounds were received within Camp Campbell.
NMCB-8s Detail Yankee, consisting of 1 officer and 60 enlisted men, deployed from Camp Haskins South to An Hoa Combat Base via helicopter tasked with the construction of bunkers.
NMCB-8s Detail Zulu, consisting of 1 officer and 70 enlisted men, departed Camp Haskins South for Hue tasked with paving of Route 1 and the North Hue By-pass.
Mr. Johnson from Foremost Dairies-Sponsors of the Vinh Dai School visited NMCB-7 and attended the opening dedication of the Vinh Dai School.
NMCB-4 participated in a regimental Pass-in-Review. The reviewing officer was RADM Combs, USN, Commander, Service Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet.
CM3 Kenneth M. Schwab was presented the Vietnamese Gallentry Cross by CAPT R.M. Fluss, CO NMCB-4. Petty Officer Schwab received the award for hi actions during NMCB-4s 1968 deployment to Vietnam.
Mortar alert at Camp Haskins South from 0210 to 0237, from 1945 to 1950, and from 2253 to 2337 due to rocket attack on Da Nang area. No casualties or rounds fell in camp.
Mortar attack on An Hoa
At 0211 Camp Adenir went to Condition I. Seven rounds of 82mm mortar fire landed within the camp perimeter outside the NMCB-12 MLO Yard. No casualties of property damage resulted.

1970NMCB-121 celebrated mid-deployment with a party.
NMCB-5s Delta Details began moving on site at Details Kilo (Rach Soi) with 1 Officer and 65 Enlisted men to begin construction of an ACTOV site, Foxtrot (Kien An) with 1 Officer and 60 Enlisted men to construct an ACTOV site, Hotel (Long Phu) to begin construction of an ACTOV site and dependant housing, Golf (Nam Can) to perform construction on an ACTOV, ATSB, and dependant housing, Lima (RSSZ), consisting of 1 Officer and 40 Enlisted men to construct an 8-mile road project, Papa (Binh Thuy) providing support for the Delta area construction sites,, Quebec (Vung Tau) providing support for various Delta area construction sites, Zulu (Saigon) to provide operational and administrative support to the Delta area sites, and Delta (Ha Tien) to construct an ACTOV site and VNN dependany housing. (MCB-5 DCR 1970)
NMCB-1s Detail Kilo, consisting of 1 officer and 49 enlisted men rejoined the battalion at Camp Haskins North from Rach Soi VNN Base.
NMCB-1s Detail Golf, consisting of 20 enlisted men, rejoined the Battalion at Camp Haskins North from Nam Can. The entire Detail had returned by 23 March 1970.
NMCB-1s Detail Delta, consisting of 1 officer and 68 enlisted men, rejoined the battalion at Camp Haskins North from the Ha Tien VNN Base leaving a security platoon of 28 men.
NMCB-1s Detail Echo, consisting of 1 officer and 47 enlisted men, rejoined the Battalion at Camp Haskins North from the Rung Sat Special Zone. The entire Detail had returned by 23 March 1970
Chief Warrant Officer W.L. Marr, 31st NCR, conducted the administrative inspection of MCB-10s equipment.

1971Seabee Team 0107 personnel assisted in bringing under control a fire in the city of Tan An, Long An Province which destroyed 19 homes.
NMCB-5s Detail Xray, consisting of 1 Officer and 70 Enlisted men, was assigned urgen minor construction tasks in support of project NOAH-the relocation of Patrol Squadrons and Fleet Air Wing stationed at Naval Air Station Sangley Point, Philipine Islands, to NAS Cubi Point by 01 September 1971. Included in the project was the rehabilitation and construction of office spaces and utilities. The Detail was also assigned to upgrade of the Seabee compound in preparation for NMCB-133s detail slated to continue work on Project 703-the relocation of dependant housing from Sangley to Cubi Point. The Detail also performed several self-help projects on the base.
NMCB-5s Detail Corral, consisting of 12 officers and 409 enlisted men, was tasked with the construction of a new base camp, Camp Covington, to be used as a future home of the backup Pacific Alert Battalion, the commencement of work on the Guam Mineral Products facility, and the provision of self-help support for the commands on Guam.
NMCB-3s Detail Venus departed Camp Haskins South for Hieu Doc, Quang Nam Province, for well drilling operations.

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