RIP Dave B.

It was dark,dreich and dismal at Macclesfield crematorium yesterday as many of us gathered to say goodbye to Dave. A sullen contrast to the rich and colourful patchwork that had been Dave's short life as we heard described in an eloquent ceremony.

One thing that stayed with me (apart from the grief etched into Gilly's face) was the description of the little bits of paper left lying around the house when Dave took to setting quizzes. I recently heard Seamus Heaney's widow saying that she still missed her husband's untidiness about the house; his clutter of little jottings and phrases that might one day be nurtured and coaxed into poetry.

Good quiz questions are maybe more ephemeral than good poetry but they have this in common: they don't just happen, they both need a lot of work,a lot of teasing and wheedling before they can be published. Above all they both need inspiration. Dave had that inspiration. An inspiration that made us realise that there is more to knowledge than knowing the answer. That knowing how to ask can yield a still more rewarding pleasure.

Quizzing,by its nature, will always be about the trivial and the banal. But so is life oftentimes. So take a leaf out of Dave's jotter and make the most of both.

Rest in Peace, Darlo lad. You are and will always be missed.


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