24 March

1967…CDR C.H. Swift, CHC, USN; LCDR N.D. Falk, CEC, USN; and LCDR H.C. DeGrotte, MSC, USN, all with CBPAC Staff, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Campbell.

1968…One round estimated to be 105mm or larger air burst directly over the Camp Faulkner west perimeter. Ground Defense Condition One was set. Origin of the round was not determined. Minor damage was sustained by an NMCB-128 truck but no personnel casualties were sustained.
…NMCB-10’s Detail Oscar reoined the Battalion from Hai Lang.
…CAPT C.W. Turner, COM30NCR, presented the Navy Achievement Medal to BUC Robert F. Smith, EOC Richard H. Gern, and CMACN David L. Smith.
…Two artillery attacks on Dong Ha
…Although the threat in travel was probably less than in the previous months, several incidents experienced by the chaplains emphasized the reality of war. NMCB-62’s Chaplain Carl W. Erickson, traveling from Red Beach to Phu Bai, about 50 miles northwest of Da Nang, relates: “…once over the Hai Van Pass it was a bone chilling, damp, dusty rough ride…huddled on sandbags on the flat bed truck, shielding each other from the rain, whipped by the truck’s motion, C-rats was the luncheon fare for the chaplain and crew…thanks to the bone bruising ride, the first night in Phu Bai was spent in sleep except for one flight to the mortar holes. The previous night one hundred rounds of rocket and mortar fire exploded in the Phu Bai Combat Base. What churches, pagodas, and imperial palace buildings and stores on street and province headquarters have in common is mute, jagged holes of conflict and busy, grimy smiling residents of their city in search of day to day living.”

1969…An NMCB-58 gun position at the Cam Lo Quarry received six rounds of sniper fire at 1650. Fire was returned with negative results.
…NMCB-58 set Condition Yellow at Camp Shields at 0645 when one round impacted within the southern boundry of the Chu Lai Enclave.
…Mortar attack on An Hoa

1970…NMCB-5’s Main Body flights five and six departed CONUS for Da Nang.

1971…NMCB-3’s Detail Neptune at Cua Viet received four rounds of small arms sniper fire. There were no Seabee casualties.

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