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New Zealand begad! That's even further away than Ireland - I may have the body of a weak and buxom Jezebel but I'm no slouch at the geography.

You must have a crystal set the size of county Laois to be able to pick us up from over there. Do you have stereo cat's whiskers? My youngest sister Concepta is still on the home farm over there on the MacGillycuddy Reeks (I got the looks and the brains but she got the calves and the feckin goat, bad cess to her) and she bees always complainin that they can only get Withquiz reception whenever it stops rainin.She says nobody up there has heard a quiz question since the second week in May four years ago.

What's it like in New Zealand and is Biscuit a common name down there? Do youse put your quizzes up on the worldwide crystal set as it would be lovely to hear New Zealand quiz questions (weather permittin). Do youse have questions about hurling? It's all friggin cricket over here. They have my heart scalded with their feckin questions about leg-overs and stuff like that. Aren't youse very lucky down there not to have the cricket.

Well Biscuit, it's nearly time for the Rosary and then maybe a bottle of strong alcohol before bed. Nighty night.


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