27 March

1966…NMCB-4 began construction of permanent road surfacing at Chu Lai.

1967…RADM William M. Heaman, CEC, USN, COMCBPAC and RADM Paul E. Seufer, CEC, USN, COM3NCB visited NMCB-133 at Camp Faulkner.
…NMCB-9’s detachment at Minh Long completed the 2,100-ft airstrip.
…RADM W.M. Heaman, CEC, USN, COMCBPAC and RADM P.E. Seufer, CEC, USN, COM3NCB, visited NMCB-5 at Camp Adenir and were given a briefing and slide presentation on NMCB-5 projects in East Da Nang and Dong Ha.

1968…LCDR H.T. Hurst, NAVFACENGCOM visited NMCB-40 at Camp Shields on an Advanced Base Functional Component Survey and Improvement Mission.
…NMCB-10 spent the entire night manning the lines on 100% alert due to increased enemy threat to the area. No incoming fire was received in the NMCB-10 Tactical Area of Responsibility (TAOR)
…NMCB-58 completed a 90,000 square-foot helicopter pad for the Force Logistics Command at Da Nang. This pad was urgently required in order to expedite the loading of cargo for lifts by helicopter to Northern I CTZ.

1969…Hotel and India sector of Quang Tri Combat Base sustained a concerted ground attack with small arms, automatic weapons, grenades, and RPG fire. One bunker was destroyed with two WIA. No casualties to NMCB-128 personnel.
…NMCB-40 survey crew received 12 rounds of sniper fire south of the Phu Bai Combat Base check-point. No injuries resulted.

1970…An NMCB-74 detachment working on Hill 65, in support of Marine Corps units encountered three airbursts of unknown type ordnance. UTCN R.H. Squire received multiple minor shrapnel wounds as was subsequently awarded the Purple Heart.
…Radm. Bartlett and Radm. Marschall visited CBMU-302 headquarters at CRB
…MCB-10 Detail November departed for Fire Support Base A-4 (Con Thien)and C-2 (6km SSE of Conthien) to assist in capping bunkers.

1971…Elements of NMCB-5’s Detail Colt, comprised of 10 enlisted msn, deployed to Tan An (XS 5565) to commence installation of a pier in order to facilitate sand offload operations at the site of the proposed Intermediate Support Base. The men of Detail Colt, NMCB-5’s waterfont construction crew, was tested with the construction of an AMMI lift pier an Tan An to facilitate sand offload at that site; the construction of a 40-ft wharf and floating P1 AMMI Pier for the Regional Defense Force and their U.S Marine advisors at Quan Xuyen (XS9575), in the Rung Sat Special Zone; and the construction of a 440-ft timber pile footbridge at the Vietnamese Navy dependant shelter site at An Khanh (XS 8890).

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