11 April

1967…NMCB-58 completed installation of 468 flourescent light fixtures at 1st FSR, Da Nang. The project was begun on 21 December 1966.
…The NMCB-9 Main Body, consisting of 716 personnel, returned to CONUS on ten C-141 aircraft. Seven flights terminated at Point Mugu, one flight at Charleston, AFB, SC, and two flights at McGuire AFB, NJ.

1968…NMCB-62 divers provided diving assistance for the 45th Army Engineer Group by inspecting a blown bridge at Lang Co. The divers inspected 7 bents consisting of 8 pilings per bent.

1969…Three Seabee Team 0604 members were ambushed on a project site at Binh Nhut Road, Long An Province, with B-40 rocket, grenade, automatic and small arms fire. Enemy forces were routed by helicopter gunships. CM2 Peter L. Stith was killed in action with extensive damage to a bulldozer.
…NMCB-40 graduated its first class of 8 ARVN engineer trainees.

1970…All hands participated in a Chang of Command ceremony at Camp Shields, as CDR P. Oliver, Jr., CEC, USN, relieved CDR J.C. Rickels, CEC, USN, as Commanding Officer NMCB-7. Guests of honor were RADM A.R. marschall, CEC, USN, COM3NCB; BGEN R.H. Spanger, USMC, Assistant Commander, I MAW; BGEN E.L. Powell, Jr., USA, Assistant Americal Division Commander (Maneuvers); and BGEN R.L. Atteberry, USA, Assistant Americal Division Commander (support).
…MCB-10 Detail November returned to Camp Wilkinson from Fire Support Base A-4 and C-2.

1971… NMCB-74 Detail Golf personnel rejoined the Battalion at CBC Bien Hoa from Nam Can.

1972…Seabee Team 7107 closed out their site at My Tho, Dinh Tuong Province.
…Seabee Team 7108 closed out their site at Go Cong, Go Cong Province.
…The Seabee Team 0321 compound at Binh Tuy Province was mortared with one round exploding in the perimeter wire.

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