.....concerning the clandestine and illegal use of chemical warfare agents. I recall a lot
of material my organization used to teach military personnel about personal
protection, self-aid, and decontamination when and if exposed to such use as it has
been outlawed for use since the period ending WWI when its employment killed or
maimed millions... I went to check and verify what materials were available to the
general public for much of what we were taught and made aware of during the mid-60's
was classified...Death of a living mammal by the use of nerve agent exposure is swift
and horrible...at the below listed facility in Utah a group of traveling Navy Disaster
Recovery instructors were demonstrated the use of Agent VX....Dressed out in proven
butyl rubber suits and standard field protective breathing masks and taped-on hand
protection, we were offered demonstrations on small mammal rodents using the
main CW agents SARIN, TABUN, and the VX, with the latters desirability that mixes to
lethal content being delivered in munitions flight... Old 16 MM movies were shown with
the agents being used on much larger mammals... of course, I speak only of mammals,
but any oxygen breathing, living creatures are subject... If I have divulged any classified
stuff here, t'was not my intent. Yes, even though it has been many years since I was
in front of a podium teaching these subjects, I could still get up there and conduct a class
that would be critiqued favorably...Chief

Deseret Chemical Depot - Wikipedia
The Deseret Chemical Depot was a U.S. Army chemical weapon storage area located in Utah, 60 miles (100 km) southwest of Salt Lake City. It is related to the Tooele Chemical Agent Disposal Facility. .... Military facilities in Utah Buildings and structures in Tooele County, Utah United States chemical weapons depots ...
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