14 April

1967…NMCB-1 begins it’s 2nd RVN Deployment at Camp Haskins-Red Beach, approx. 10 miles north of Danang relieving NMCB-9 which completed it’s second RVN deployment which included the upgrading of the airfield at the Ming Long Special Forces camp and building of a 15 building complex for the U.S. Marine 11th Motor Transport Battalion.

1968…NMCB-71 begins it’s second RVN deployment at Camp Miller relieving NMCB-6 which completed it’s second RVN deployment
… Within the context of war, the message by Chaplain J. Robert Fiola (NMCB-53) was expressed with enthusiasm by Naval Forces, Vietnam Chaplains, giving men hope and strength in the face of danger.
“The month of April has been highlighted by the observance of our Lord’s Death and Resurrection. It has indeed been sobering to realize again the extent oh His work on our behalf and the fact that He lives we too shall live”. On Easter day, a Folk Mass with guitar accompaniment was celebrated with the response being so great, it was repeated the following Sunday.
… At Sunrise Service on Easter day, Chaplain Carl W. Erickson (NMCB-62) stated, “Easter Sunday and sunrise services without a sunrise in a windless drizzle brought some warmth into the hearts of Christians gathered at Red Beach.”

1969…Seabee Team 0913 completed construction of a defensive berm around Fire Base Diamond III in response to an emergency request. Five hours later the fire base came under intensive attack with 198 enemy killed in the attack.. 18 US personnel were killed in action and 13 were wounded. The defensive berm was credited with saving numerous lives and possibly preventing overrun of the fire base.
…NMCB-58 Detail Echo, consisting of 8 men, rejoined the Battalion at Chu Lai from Quang Gnai upon completion of the electrical construction phase of the GVN/MOH Hospital.
…An awards ceremony was held at NMCB-4 morning quarters. CDR R.D. Gaulden, CO NMCB-4 recognized UT2 S.M. Rash, USN, who received the Navy Achievement with Combat “V”; EO3 T.W. Admire, USN, who received the Navy Unit Commendation Medal; ENS J.A. Werner, CEC, USNR, who had been designated a Distinguished Naval Graduate at the Officer Candidate School.
…The NMCB-4/NMCB-12 BEEP was completed at Camp Adenir.

1970…CBMU-302 NAVCAT EIGHT began construction of dependant shelters at Cu Long

1971…48 enlisted personnel from NMCB-74 Detail Charlie at Cho Moi rejoined the Battalion at CBC Bien Hoa.
…Team 01-05 left Vietnam on April 14 after being relieved by Team 74-09 in Bac Lieu.

1972… NSF DaNang was dis-established

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