20 April

1966…NMCB-8’s Advance Party of 1 officer and 30 enlisted men departed Da Nangfor CBC Port Hueneme. …
…MGEN L.J. Fields, CG 1st MARDIV visited NMCB-4 at Camp Shields.

1967…NMCB-58 began construction of the Monkey Mountain Troop Housing project, Da Nang. (L701, 6659II; 092837). The project consisted of building 29,170 square feet of troop housing which were wood structures 20 feet wide, single and double deck and of various lengths to fit the site.
…CAPT J.D. Burky, CEC, USN, CO CBC Davisville visited NMCB-4 at Camp Hoover to discuss CB effort and support problems.
…Capt J.D. Burkey, CEC, USN visited NMCB-1 at Camp Haskins
…A major project begun by MCB-4 involved the construction of a 2,000-foot-long lumber bridge an An Hoa. Named the “Liberty Bridge”, the structure, when completed, formed the last link in the “Liberty Road” from Da Nang to An Hoa.

1968…CDR C.C. Baggs, CEC, USN, COMCBLANT Staff and CDR W.L. Wilson, CEC, USN, COMCBPAC Staff, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Haskins South.
…The NMCB-10/NMCB-11 BEEP began.
… NMCB-8’s Detail Romeo was absorbed by Detail Sierra at Hue Stadium.

1969…A 122mm rocket impacted within the NMCB-12 Charlie Co. area at Camp Adenir injuring two men from NMCB-12 and two men from NMCB-4. Two berthing huts were extensively damaged
…NMCB-58 formation and awards ceremony was held. CDR C.J. Mathews, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer, NMCB-58, presented the Purple Heart to CM3 D.D. Manning and the Good Conduct Medal to CE2 F.A. Bear. 35 promotion certificates were presented as well as 14 NMCB-58 Letters of Appreciation.
…CAPT J.E. Powell, CEC, USN, COM30NCR. Presided at NMCB-53 Quarters and Awards Ceremony.
…CAPT J.E. Powell came aboard Camp Haskins South for an awards ceremony.
…NMCB-5’s Detail Hotel returned to Camp Hoover from An Thoi, Phu Quoc Island.
…37 additional NMCB-4 Alpha Company personnel departed Da Nang on a C-130 aircraft for the Detail Echo site to work on asphalt production.
…At the Trung Son Refugee Camo at Cam Lo, a seven-room school for Buddhist refugee children was designed and planned by CBMU-301 personnel. Construction began with the formal ground breaking ceremonies April 20th. One Hundred fifty students were to be accommodated in the first phase. Vietnamese provided skilled labor while Seabees provided material and technical assistance

1970…Flight 1 of NMCB-74 Main Body departed Da Nang via C-141 aircraft for CBC Gulfport.
…NMCB-62 Main Body personnel began arriving at Camp Hoover, Da Nang. The movement was complete on 23 April 1970
…NMCB-7’s Detail Xray, consisting of 1 Officer and 48 Enlisted men, deployed to Phuoc Xuyen Province to commence ATSB construction.
…NMCB-74 Main Body transitioned from Camp Hoover, Da Nang to CONUS utilizing C-141 aircraft between 20 April and 23 April.
…NMCB-10 completed the first 3000 feet of the runway at Phu Bai and reopened the runway for military traffic only. The airfield was closed to all traffic for only 60 hours.

1971…Eight NMCB-74 personnel rejoined the Battalion at CBC Bien Hoa from Cat Lo.
…NMCB-5’s Detail Colt moved off site at Tan An upon transfer of project from 32nd NCR to OICC, RVN.
…CBMU-302 turned over a 5 room schoolhouse at Tan Binh Orphanage
…NMCB-5 Detail Mustang arrived at the Ca Mau site on 20 April to relieve NMCB-3 Detail Borealis and was immediately tasked with the road between Ca Mau City and the PRU base nearby.

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