21 April

1965…When NMCB-10 received the message “Deploy by assigned shipping to Chu Lai, Republic of Vietnam to construct an expeditionary airfield”, mount-out boxes were closed and staged and equipment was put through final checks prior to boarding ship. Construction material and supplies were located and moved for loading aboard ship. Over 3,200 bundles of AM2 Matting were staged at Naha port for loading on the U.S.S. Washburn (AKA-108) by a combined effort MCB-10 and MCB-11. 400 drums of diesel oil were staged at White Beach for loading aboard the U.S.S. Gunston Hall (LSD-5??). In a perior of four days all material for the first lift would be moved to the docks and loaded aboard. All the heavy construction equipment was combat loaded aboard LST U.S.S. Washtenaw County and U.S.S. Tom Greene County.
In April, the men of the Battalion moved out of Camp Kinzer with full combat gear and boarded their ships. The Rear Party stayed behind to load the second lift aboard two AKA’s (Merrick, AKA-97 and a second time on the Wasburn). An additional 2,800 bundles of AM2, M9M1, and M9M2 matting was loaded aboard these ships, as well as 500 barrels of gasoline and diesel fuel, B Rations, and C Rations. With Okinawa behind them, the Battalion looked forward to bigger and better things in Chu Lai

1967…Seabee Team 0308 established a site a Thu Duc, Gia Dinh Province.
…CAPT Greer A. Busbee, CEC, USN, COMCBLANT, visited NMCB-133 at Camp Faulkner anf toured Battalion job sites.
…NMCB-4 completed disaster recovery work at Lang Vie.

1968…CAPT J.M. Hill, CEC, USN, COM32NCR arrived on board the NMCB-10 camp at Quang Tri for presentation of Medals and Awards to NMCB-10 personnel.
…NMCB-10’s Detail Golf returned to the main Body from Camp J.J. Carroll upon completion of their project.

1969…Enemy small arms and rifle grenades directed at Seabee Team 5803’s compound at Chau Phu, Chau Doc Province, with negative results.
…NMCB-128 received a grade of Excellent on Alpha Company and Equipment Inspection.
…CDR R.D. Gaulden, CEC, USN, CO NMCB-4, relieved CDR J.J. Lee, CEC, USN, CO NMCB-12, as Commanding Officer at Camp Adenir, Da Nang. CDR Gaulden presented the Purple Heart Medal to BU2 P.W. Fabri for wounds received on 20 April 1969, when an enemy rocket impacted within the Camp Adenir perimeter.
…Rocket attack on Cua Viet

1970…ADM Hyland, CINCPACFLT; VADM Zumwalt, COMNAVFORV; Commodore Chan, CNO VNN; and CAPT Marquard, Chief of Staff, 3NCB, visited Seabee Team 0707 in Kien Giang Province.
…CDR J.P. Jones, Jr., CEC, USN, Commanding Officer NMCB-62 relieved CDR J.A. D’Emidio, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer NMCB-74 of command of Camp Hoover, Da Nang.
…Seabee Team 6204 and 6205 deployed to RVN in support of USAID.
…ADM J.J. Hyland, CINCPACFLT, VADM E.R. Zumwalt, COMNAVFORV, and Commodore Chon, CNO, VNN, visited NMCB-5’s Detail Delta at Ha Tien.

1971…NMCB-74 Detail Papa, consisting of 1 officer and 9 enlisted men returned to CBC Bien Hoa after being relieved by NMCB-5 Detail Pinto.
…1 officer and 18 enlisted men departed the NMCB-74 Detail Charlie site at Cho Moi to return to CBC Bien Hoa.
…NMCB-3’s Main Body flights, consisting of three passenger flights and one cargo flight departed Da Nang for CBC Port Hueneme. The last of the three flights departed on 26 April 1971.

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