Anytime I see something related to Vietnam are well drilling I think of an old buddy and friend, A.J.(Pete) Welty.
Met Pete during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis when we both arrived for duty with MCB#9 P/HUE. Pete was and EO1/c and I was a fresh CPO. Pete was a well-driller and taught classes up in the valley...Later in Vietnam Pete had a lot to do with the well-drilling in country though I didn't know what battalion he served in.. We lived on the same street in Oxnard and our kids grew up together...Pete retired before I did and had a realty concern there in Oxnard called SHAWN REALTY...When I retired and had my drain cleaning service I did many jobs for Pete.. About 1978 Pete moved to Glendale Arizona due to the crime conditions there on the coast...I was equally effected and bought this home we have had since 1980 off SHAWN REALTY. Pete
passed away back in the 90's...since this site come on line, Pete was mentioned in the well drilling operations and a book was forwarded to me with credit for Pete in that book
about naval construction in the Vietnam area...How's duty up there, were one hell'va fine Seabee representive!!! JW
1978 Pete

Capacity and reliability of wells were the chief problem with water distribution systems. Of the four wells drilled on the Combat Base, one produced 15gpm, one 12gpm one produced 6 gpm for about one month and then went dry, and one never produced at all. All of these wells were from 180 to 200 in depth.

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