25 April

1965…When NMCB-9’s plans for a Guam Deployment were changed to Southeast Asia, the 75-man advance air detachment began planning the advance base cantonment (Camp Adenir, Da nang). With little advance warning, the advance planning group under Lt. Schultz left Port Hueneme on 25 April 1965.

1966…NMCB-4 completed the major rehabilitation of Camp Shields. All berthing and most Admin buildings were tin roofed; a chapel, “O” Club, EM Club, and Acey Duecy Club were constructed, by Vietnamese contractors, and Camp Shields roads and equipment yards were improved.

1967…CAPT A.R. Marschall, CEC, USN, COM30NCR; CDR G.W. Marsh, CEC, USN, CO NMCB-133; and LCDR J.W. Key, CEC, USN, COMNAVFORV, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Campbell.
…Commodor G.A. Busbee, CEC, USN, COMCBLANT, visited NMCB-4 at Camp Hoover.
…Capt G.A. Busbee Jr., CEC, USN, COMCBLANT, visited NMCB-1 at Camp Haskins
…Upon completion of four months of training at CBC Port Hueneme, Seabee Team 1109 deployed to Chiang Kham, a remote area bordering Laos and Burma in the ancient kingdom of Thailand from 25 April to 04 November 1967. Here they spent six months carrying out a vigorous Civic Action Program which included construction of 32 bridges, 12 hand dug wells, 6 earthen dams and work on 22 schools, 12 temples, 4 short take off and landing strips (STOL), and over 42 miles of road work.
The Team was headed by LTJG Bruce B. Giebel and composed of a 13 man team skilled in all trades of the Seabees. Helicopter and stol-aircraft were used for transportation to project sites, which otherwise could only be reached on footpaths. The Team, one of three under the sponsor-ship of the United States Government to act as advisors to 15 man Border Patrol Police Teams. In terms of how the Team was able to reach the people, its Medical Aid Program treated 13,000 patients in 110 villages during its six month deployment.
…NMCB-4 conducted English Language classes at Hoa An Hamlet beginning in April 1967 and quickly grew to a successful program. Classes were held at the village elementary school two or three evenings each week and were 70 to 90 minutes in duration. Attendance averaged 40 students, mostly adult, for the deployment.

1968…RADM W.M. Heaman, CEC, USN, COMCBPAC; RADM J.V. Bartlett, CEC, USN, COM3NCB; CAPT J.M. Hill, CEC, USN, COM32NCR; CAPT T.C. Williams, CEC, USN, Staff, Commander in Chief, US Pacific Fleet; CDR D.A. Petzrick, CEC, USN, Chief Staff Officer, 32NCR; CDR J.F. O’Leary, CEC, USN, Commanding Officer NMCB-8; and LCDR H.A. Wells, Jr., CEC, USN, visited NMCB-133 at camp Campbell.
…LCDR T. Vann, 31st NCR, arrived at Camp Adenir to conduct the Annual Supply Inspection on NMCB-53.
…NMCB-10 opened Bridge B-7 @ YD325535 for traffic on Route 1.
…RADM W.M. Heaman, CEC, USN, COMCBPAC; RADM J.V. Bartlett, CEC, USN, COM3NCB; CAPT J.M. Hill, CEC, USN, COM32NCR; CAPT T.C. Williams, CEC, USN, CINCPACFLT Staff, and LCDR J.L. Wells, CEC, USN, of COMCBPAC Staff, arrived for a Management Inspection of NMCB-10.
…RADM W.H. Heaman and RADM J.V. Bartlett visited Camp Wilkinson and the NMCB-8 project sites.
…RADM W.M. Heaman, CEC, USN, COMCBPAC: RADM J.V. Bartlett, CEC, USN, COM3NCB; CAPT T.C. Williams, CEC, USN, Staff CINCPACFLT; and CAPT G.A. Goetzke, Jr., CEC, USN 3NCB Rep Saigon, visited NMCB-5 and inspected Camp Barnes and various NMCB-5 construction projects on the Dong Ha Combat Base .
…CBMU-301’s base camp was located on the Dong Ha Combat Base, approximately three quarters of a mile south of the Dong Ha runway, within nine miles of the DMZ. Construction of the camp facilities commenced with the arrival of the Advance Party in May 1967. Initial construction consisted of standard 16’x48’ SEA huts, office spaces, shower facilities, and a temporary Command Post. AS construction progressed, additional living and office huts were constructed, along with recreation buildings, Enlisted Men’s Club, Laundry, Dispensary, library, water and electrical system. The camp was planned in two areas. One area included the industrial facilities and the other area included the administrative, community support, and personnel berthing areas. By the end of April 1968, the camp had three rigid steel frame 40’x100’ buildings with lean-to’s, and fifty-two (52) administrative buildings, living huts, and other personnel support facilities.
…One artillery attack on Dong Ha
…Radm. W.M. Heaman, COMCBPAC, visited the new NMCB-4’s new camp at Camp Evans.
1969…RADM Dillon, COM3NCB; CAPT Williams, CEC, USN; and CAPT Sturman, CEC, USN, 3NCB REP SAIGON, visited NMCB-121 Detail Papa at Camp DeShurley, Phu Loc.
…NMCB-62 Detail Scup rejoined the Battalion at Camp Barnes.
…NMCB-62 Detail Sea Robin rejoined the battalion at Camp Barnes.
…CAPT J.E. Powell, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, visited NMCB-58 at Camp Shields for discussions and briefings on critical projects and for procedural briefing on MLO operations.
…Radm. J.G. Dillon, CEC, USN, COM3RDNCB; Capt. T.C. Williams, CEC, USN, CINPACFLT Staff; Capt. A.W. Walton, CEC, USN, COM32NDNCR, and Capt. W.H. Sturman, CEC, USN, COM3RDNEB Rep Saigon, on board for a visit.

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