12 May

1966…The NMCB-5 Main Body of 11 Officers and 441 Enlisted men departed Camp Hoover, Da Nang for CBC Port Hueneme. Road construction during the rainy season of NMCB-5’s deployment was extremely difficult. It was practically impossible to satisfactorily compact laterite fill at any time during this period. The fill remained spongy and extremely plastic despite all efforts to stabilize it. In some sections near Camp Reasoner it was necessary to cut out, re-fill and recompact the spongy sections after the rainy season.

1967… CAPT C.G. Miller, CEC, USN, CSO, CBPAC, visited NMCB-62 at Camp Campbell.
…LTJG A.T. Duncan aith the Con Thien construction crew returned to Camp Hoover after all NMCB-4 equipment operators had been wounded in action and their construction capability had been exhausted.

1968…NMCB-128 set Ground Defense Condition One at Camp Faulkner due to a rocket attack on the Da Nang area. An electrician line crew was dispatched to the Marble Mountain Air Facility to provide emergency repairs to power line damage from the attack. No NMCB-128 casualties or incoming rockets.
…LTCOL R.E. Haebel, USMC, Commanding Officer, 3rd Amphibious Tractor Battalion dedicated their mew messhall to the memory of the first NMCB-128 Seabee to die in action, Petty Officer Keith A. MaEnany. Participating in the ceremony were MGEN Donne Robertson, USMC, CG 1st MARDIV; RADM J.V. Bartlett, CEC, USN, COM3NCB; and CAPT J.R. Fisher, CEC, USN, COM30NCR.
…A Condition I alert was set for one hour during a rocket attack on Da Nang. The rocket launching was observed from a position approximately two miles distant from the NMCB-58 camp. No rounds impacted in Camp Haskins North.
…The second increment of NMCB-40 Detail Golf, consisting of 1 officer and 26 enlisted men deployed to Cam Lo to begin installing a 200 ton-per-hour rock crusher.
…In May, the steelworkers and builders of NMCB-4’s second platoon Delta Company migrated to the Phu Bai combat base. There they set to work on helicopter parking aprons, taxiways, and revetments for all types of Army aiorcraft. The detachment in Phu Bai placed over 85,000 square feet of M8A1 steel aircraft matting, installed 220 lineal feet of 36-inch steel culvert for drainage on the airfield, erected and welded 2,030 lineal feet of revetments made from M9A1 steel matting, and constructed over 2,360 lineal feet of wooded revetments.

1969…Camp Rhodes went into Condition One when the airfield area of the combat base received approximately eight rounds of 122mm rockets from the south. No rounds fell in Camp Rhodes. No casualties to NMCB-128 personnel.
…CAPT A.W. Walton, CEC, USN, COM32NCR came aboard Camp Barnes to tour NMCB-62 construction sites.
…At 0317 three rounds of 122mm rockets impacted in and near Camp Barnes Alpha Company yard causing minor damage to four vehicles and seventeen wheels in the tire shop. No NMCB-62 personnel were injured in the attack. The Camp remained in Condition Blue (attack by rockets, mortars, or artillery) until 0417.
…At 2337 approximately three rounds of 140mm rockets impacted in the grassy area just north of Camp Barnes. No personnel or equipment casualties were sustained. The Camp remained in Condition Blue until 0030.
…NMCB-62 Detail Minnow, consisting of 5 Delta Company builders, deployed to Dual Blade Site C-2 to construct bunkers for the 1st Radio Battalion.
…NMCB-58 set Condition Yellow at Camp Shields at 0305 when an undetermined number of rockets impacted in the Rosemary Point area and approximately four rocket rounds impacted in the 6th Battalion 56 Artillery area immediately to the south of Camp Shields. Again at 1010, Condition Yellow was set when two rockets impacted in the 2nd Surgical Hospital area and an undetermined number of rockets impacted near the MAG-13 flight line and Americal Division Headquarters area.
…CAPT A.W. Walton Jr., CEC, USN, COM32NCR visited the NMCB-58 Cam Lo Quarry site to observe progress of the quarrying and crusher operation.
…LCDR D.L. Forney, CEC, USN, relieved LCDR W.A. Simmons, CEC, USN, as NMCB-53 Executive Officer.
…At 0343, Rocket Condition was set and all NMCB-4 personnel wnet to their bunkers. No rounds landed within the camp perimeter.

1970…CAPT J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN, COM32NCR addressed all NMCB-62 officers and chief petty officers in the Camp Hoover Chapel.
…VADM E.R. Zumwalt, COMNAVFORV and VADM J.H. King, Prospective COMNAVFORV, and party visited NMCB-5’s Detail Golf at Nam

1971…BU2 Ernest Ramey received the Navy Achievement Medal while serving as crew leader with CBMU 302’s NavCat 6 in An Thoi from February to December 1970. Using an inexperienced crew, he directed the construction of two housing projects and two schools with maximum efficiency.
LTJG Robert L. Harman who received a Navy Commendation Medal as OIC of CBMU’s NavCat 8 in Cuu Long from March 1970 to March 1971. He was responsible for the construction of 192 dependant shelters for the VNN and organizing and deploying a team of 45 men and construction equipment to accomplish the mission. He also supported the Navy’s Project Protein by providing animal shelters vital to upgrading the Vietnamese diet.

1975…SS Mayaguez seized by the Khmer Rouge and escorted to Koh Tang Island

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