15 May

1942…Third NCB was established at Camp Allen, Virginia under the command of Lcdr. B.C. Phillips, CEC, USNR

1966…CDR W.L. Wilson, CEC, USN relieved CDR W.W. Barron, CEC, USN, as Commanding Officer, NMCB-11. LCDR J.C. Totten, CEC, USN, relieved LCDR W.D. Middleton, CEC, USN, as Execuitive Officer.
…CDR Williams, Commanding Officer NMCB-10 assumed command of Camp Hoover.
…Cdr. W.L. Wilson, CEC, USN, relieved Cdr. W.W. Barron, CEC, USN, as commanding officer on NMCB-11. The change of command was held on Barron Field in Camp Adenir. The 1st MAW Band provided the music for the occasion. Guest included Capt. Anderson, CEC, USN, COM30NCR; Col. R.M. Hunt, USMC, CO MAG16; Capt. B.L. Canaga, Jr. MC, USN, CO NSA Hospital; and the Commanding Officers of NMCB’s 7,8,and 9. There was a reception at the officers mess following the change of command

1967…NMCB-58 turned over to NMCB-74 it’s LAAM battalion Barracks project on 05 June 1967. The project, begun on 15 May 1967, consisted of constructing three two story barracks for the 1st LAAM Battalion, Da Nang (L701, 6659III; 001761). At the time of turnover the project was 30% complete with NMCB-58 having constructed one two story barracks and forming and pouring the concrete slab for the second.
…Sniper rounds were received by a Team 0406 Detail replacing a blown culvert on Route 8, Hau Nghia Province.

1968… At about 0300 on the 15th, approximately 25 enemy rockets impacted in the Quang Tri Combat Base. No hits were received in the Seabee camp area and no damage was incurred.
…NMCB-22 reports for active duty at CBC, Gulfport for training and outfitting prior to deploying to RVN sixty days later
…Chu Lai Combat Base received 2 incoming 122mm rocket rounds. No injuries or damage were sustained by NMCB-40 personnel or equipment.
…The second increment of NMCB-1’s Advance Party consisting of 48 personnel deployed via one C-141 aircraft from CBC Davisville to Camp Hoover, Da Nang
…CBMU-302’s Dong Tam detail completed construction of the fire main system at CTF 117 headquarters. CBMU-302 sent a twenty-five man detail to NSAD Binh Thuy
…One artillery attack on Dong Ha

1969…NMCB-58 began construction of two 40’x100’ pre-engineered steel buildings joined at the sidewall to house the MAG-12 Missle maintenance Facility. The project was turned over to NMCB-7 on 10 October 1969 at 90% complete. The buildings and interior was complete with the exception of several ecectrical items and the exterior revetments had not been started.
…Seabee Team 5804 arrived at a new team site in Rach Gia by convoy and established a temporary camp at the Province Maintenance Facility.
…NMCB-121’s HM3 Papas was wounded by a grenade thrown into the back of the ambulance on MEDCAP at Phu Long Village.

1970…The NSA Danang Hospital closed it’s doors after four years of medical service. Over 67,000 patients had been admitted to the hospital since 1966
…ADM E.R. Zumwalt, prospective CNO was relieved as COMNAVFORV by VADM J.H. King, Jr.
…An NMCB-62 Detail Albany detachment consisting of 13 men departed from Binh Thuy for Song Ong Duc, Military Region IV to construct Sea-huts and helicopter platforms.
…CDR W.L. Wilson, CEC, USN, Operations Officer and LT R.H. Rohrbach, CEC, USN, Administrative Officer, representing COMCBPAC, conducted a management Inspection of NMCB-5’s Detail Zulu in Saigon.
…On 15 May the NSA Da Nang Hospital closed its doors after four years of medical service. Over 67,000 patients had been admitted to the hospital since 1966.

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