19 May

196530th Naval Construction Regiment activated at Danang

1966NMCB-4 completed the first Refrigerated Storage facilities at Chu Lai.

1967An 11 year old Vietnamese boy was killed in an accident involving a motor grader operated by Team 0406 in Bao Trai, Hau Nghia Province.
NMCB-74 Advance Party 2, consisting of 3 officers and 57 enlisted men, departed CBC Gulfport via C-141 aircraft for Da Nang.
NMCB-11 deployed a Detail to Cua Viet to construct an LST/LCU ramp complex and staging area for NSA Da Nang. The Detail also constructed berthing huts for the 1st Amtrac Battalion, the Vietnamese Junk Advisory Force, and NSA Da Nang. The detailed varied between 14 and 27 men and was in operation until 08 November 1967.

1968One artillery attack on Dong Ha
At 1930, Camp Evans received 10 rounds of 122mm rockets. One hit the ASP. Fires and explosions spread to the major ASP and fuel farm. Concussions from the blast and debris from shells and rockets blown into the NMCB-4 camp caused moderate damage to the Repair Parts Building and minor damage to the Alpha Company Shops. The NMCB-4 wrecker received shrapnel through the front windows. Five 16x32 huts received moderate blast and shrapnel damage. The explosions continued into the morning of the 20th.
On 19 May Camp Evans was again hit by 122-mm rockets in the early evening causing no damage or casualties.

1969An NMCB-62 Civic Action Team 2 ton truck detonated an unknown type mine at 0930 on Route 8B near Cam Vu. The vehicle was totally destroyed. The driver sustained concussion damage in both ears.
NMCB-62 Detail Minnow rejoined the Battalion at Camp Barnes.
LT A.T. German, CEC, USN, Equipment Officer CBPAC, and his staff conducted the annual COMCBPAC Automotive and Construction Material Handling Equipment Administrative Inspection on NMCB-53 at Camp Haskins North. A grade of excellent was assigned.

1970Than Quit Bridge Bravo was repaired by NMCB-121 and reopened to traffic.
at 2015 four (4) rockets impacted in the vicinity of the Quang Tri Bridge project. No injuries or damage to NMCB-10 personnel or equipment.

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