Dang, that was a good and interesting composition...a bit of humor mixed in with actual

and very verifiable doctrine....I like that term 'widget'...kind that your can use with mixed

gender or even it the Chaplain is in attendance...I remark to that for I have heard those

'non-definable' objects used with the most gross of explanations ranging from body-parts

to their use, thereof! In the early 50's I worked in the refrigeration shop in the Philippines

for this cantankerous old navy chief who was angry for having been called back to duty for

the Korean War... Grouchy, fat old guy from ....well, Mississippi.. the then abandoned navy

base at Gulfport...I was then a young rate-striker...scared to death of military authority of

an type...the chief would holler at me as I was looking over his shoulder at his mechanical

work..."go run get me that 'hickie-bob'...now dammit, that the snap-on fummie-doodle

(body-part) but the one when it gets greasie you can't hang on to it"! I'd go racing back

to the shop (we'd been working on the ice cream freezers) and on the way attempt to

sort out what was the first (body part) and what was the greasy (dangling participle)...

If things worked out for the Chief and my errand running, chances are we'd spend about

3 quarts of flowing-type ice cream and he'd be telling be about the 'tin-can' (destroyer)

he'd served on over in the Med in 1945. I have a fond place in my heart for Gulfport

Mississippi for I helped to re-commission her back in the early days of the Veitnam War.

No barracks for senior enlisted so we stayed in a motel out in Bay St. Louis...Dang, those

southern gals sure like us construction workers!! Wasn't very far from where Jayne Mansfield

was killed that night on her way back to New Orleans...A couple of the other instructors

had taken in her show that night down in Boloxi (sp).jw

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