24 May

1966…The NMCB-7 perimeter at the Hue/Phu Bai camp was attacked by Viet Cong resulting in no Seabee casualties and 1 VC WIA.

1967…NMCB-58began Cold Cap Mix project on Route 4 (L701, 6659III; 973768) The project consisted of applying a cold mix lift of asphalt to a trial section of Route 4 from Route 1 to the ARVN Engineers camp. The final scope of work was to be determined after the trial section was completed and evaluated.
… NMCB-3 lowboy loaded with sandbags caught fire and burned as a result of spontaneous combustion.

1968…The south end of Liberty Bridge was burned by the enemy. About 1,200 feet of the 2.040 foot span crossing the Thu Bon River south of Danang was destroyed
…RADM J.V. Bartlett, CEC, USN, COM3NCB and CAPT J.R. Fisher, CEC, USN, COM30NCR, visited NMCB-128 at Camp Faulkner and various job sites.
…The NMCB-9/NMCB-1 Battalion Equipmet Evaluation Program (BEEP) was completed.
… A critical shortage of rock continued to exist as barging operations to move rock in the I Corps tactical Zone (I CTZ) remained below required levels. The arrival of six additional barges on 24 May brought the total of barges available to 15 with 10 more expected in June. During May a total of 20,500 tons of rock was barged north from Da Nang.

1969…NMCB-133 Advance Party arrived at Camp Wilkinson, Gia Le.
…NMCB-5 conducted a mid-deployment briefing for COM30NCR and his staff.
…Purple Heart Medals were presented to NMCB-4’s BU3 D.R. Boyles and BU3 L.L. Weber for wounds received at Dien Ban on 20 May 1969.
…A Change of Command ceremony was held as Cdr. D.P. Johnson, CEC, USN, relieved Cdr. D.A. Bartley, CEC, USN, as Commanding Officer of NMCB-10. Radm. J.G. Dillon, CEC, USN, COM3RDNCB; Capt. A.W. Walton, CEC, USN, COM32NDNCR, and other guests present.

1970…Cooper Bridge was repaired by NMCB-121 and reopened to traffic.
…NMCB-7’s Detail Oscar, consisting of 8 Enlisted men, deployed to Quang Duc Province to work on CIDG water systems.
…VADM J.H. King, Jr., COMNAVFORV and party visited NMCB-5’s Detail Golf at Nam Can.
…Capt. J.E. Washburn, CEC, USN, COM32NCR addressed the entire NMCB-10 Battalion in formation and presented medals to NMCB-10 personnel.
…MCB-10 Detail Quebec departed for Cua Viet for construction of “Butler” building and 1250 bbl. fuel tank.

1971…An NMCB-5 road crew returning on Rte. 341, near Ta Kou, during a rain storm, detonated a freshly planted mine (20 pounds) with a lowboy trailer. When the explosion occurred, automatic weapons fire was heard, but, a later survey of the area showed no indication of any enemy and it was supposed that the fire came from RF flank security troops. Repairs to the wheels of the trailer were made on the site. Two days later, on Rte. 341, the third truck in a line of trucks hauling rock detonated a mine which damaged the truck’s rear axle and wheels and left a crater six feet in diameter. No casualties were sustained in the incident.
…CBMU-302 began work on dependant shelters at ISB Cat Lai for disabled veterans by VNN sailors with Seabee assistance. 25,000 square meters of land was procured months ago and a small section had been filled in to a suitable elevation for the shelters to be constructed.

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